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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, former President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a reminder about their upcoming webinar on the latest research from Joint Fire Science Project funded programs (1). In the wake of an agreement between CAL FIRE and the US Forest Service, CAL FIRE will be beefing up its assets in Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest next year (2); but a small wildfire was reported near Manresa State Park campground along the Central Coast yesterday (3); while sealed documents pertaining to a 2007 wildfire in Plumas County are at the center of a court battle in which the US government is claiming private parties owe them more than $700 million (4); and US Forest Service will be conducting controlled burns on 123 acres in South Lake Tahoe (5); while Six Rivers National Forest will be holding orientation for would-be wildland firefighters in the near future (6). National Weather Service forecasters fear that 2012 could be a repeat of 2011 in Arizona, which had its worst fire season ever last year (7); even as firefighters in the Coconino National Forest plan to conduct controlled burns today (8); while Coronado National Forest officials intend to burn about 3,100 acres beginning in February (9). As New Mexico faces another bad fire season, officials from US Forest Service Southwestern Region will be holding meetings at which contractors can learn how to work with the Forest Service on future wildfires (10). Airmen from Colorado's 302nd Airlift Wing remarked on the difficult fire season they had in 2011, hoping that 2012 will be a little quieter (11); where AmeriCorps is working with fire officials to help thin vegetation in Black Forest Regional Park ahead of fire season (12). The next article looks at the plight of volunteer fire departments across Texas, who are seeing the $25 million 2011 state grant budget slashed to only $7 million for 2012 (13); something that will not be well received by cash-strapped East Texas volunteers (14); but the Texas Forest Service is using the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System to augment the number of wildland fire experts across the state (15); while two former volunteer firefighters have been indicted for setting at least three wildfires near Corpus Christi (16). In Missouri, Redings Mill Fire Protection District earned national recognition for a second year in a row from the National Firewise Communities Program for its wildfire preparedness (17). Florida Department of Forestry announced that next week is Prescribed Fire Awareness Week (18); even as firefighters in Volusia County battled a baker's dozen of wildfires, smoke from a 110-acre swamp fire temporarily closed State Route 40 (19); and dry conditions didn't look like they would help the situation in Brevard County anytime soon, either (20); while Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are searching for a badly-burned black bear caught on video near a wildfire burning in Sorrento (21); and a Firewise workshop will take place in Jackson County tonight to help homeowners learn how to better protect their homes from wildfires (22). US Forest Service is in the process of training wildland firefighting brigades for Brazil's Amazon rainforests (23). With hunters and herdsmen setting numerous bushfires in the African nation of Ghana, fire officials are working with police to reduce incidents in the Central Region (24); and firefighters were assisted by helicopters in battling wildfires in South Africa's Western Cape (25). Firefighters battled wildfires which scorched hundreds of acres on the Pacific island of Saipan near Kannat Tabla (26). Victoria's premier reiterated his warning against bushfire complacency, since the Australian bushfire season has 10 more weeks to go (27); while people living in rural areas are being told to prepare for power blackouts during high bushfire danger periods (28); while a Bendigo police officer is set to receive a National Emergency Medal for his work during the Black Saturday bushfires (29). Firefighters were able to contain a bushfire burning in Perth, Western Australia's, northern suburbs (30); while FESA arson inspectors are looking for clues as to who was lighting bushfires in the vicinity of Rockingham yesterday (31). And finally, firefighters in El Cerrito, California, provided a new meaning to the term "steeple-chase"!

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