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Friday, December 17, 2010


An article from the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise provides detailed information on California's mild fire season (1); nevertheless, firefighters in the San Bernardino National Forest plan to conduct some controlled burns today to clear out dead vegetation (2); and the following story provides an inside view of one of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's wildland firefighting camps in that area (3). A small, human-caused wildfire was reported in Boulder County, Colorado (4); which will be getting $1.3 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service to help clean up the mess from wildfires earlier this year (5). The Utah National Guard presented awards to three bulldozer operators who helped battle the Machine Gun Fire this past summer (6); while warnings about dry conditions in Oklahoma, which has seen 1,500 wildfires burn 80,000 acres so far this year, are provided by the next article (7). The horrific firestorm of December 2005, in which 52 major wildfires scorched 3 million acres across Oklahoma and Texas, is remembered in the next article (8); which explains why Texas Forest Service is beefing up their forces in order to prevent a recurrence (9). Debris burns that got out of control sparked some wildfires in Florida yesterday (10); and a large wildfire near Maxville is now 50% contained, according to Florida Division of Forestry officials (11); but authorities are trying to locate the motorist who may have accidentally sparked the blaze (12); even as continued dry conditions prompted officials in Volusia County to impose a burn ban (13). A sizable wildfire has been reported along the border between India and Pakistan in the disputed province of Kashmir (14). One bushfire survivor from Victoria, Australia, who is rebuilding his house talks about his experiences battling the blaze (15). Authorities in New South Wales reminded homeowners that recent rains have not completely extinguished the bushfire danger (16); as the next article shows that firefighters in that state have a dual role in also providing public safety information (17). And finally, government officials in New South Wales will be spending millions to change the name of the Fire Brigade - your tax dollars at work!

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