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Friday, February 06, 2009


Leading off the wildfire news today, the ongoing trial of Raymond Lee Oyler examined matches recovered from several arson fires, while a wind-driven wildfire in Owens Valley, California, torched over 2,000 acres and is still only 20% contained. Two stories out of Utah provide details on FEMA fire-suppression cost payments and preventative measures being taken there to prevent future wildfires. Two stories from Texas recount wildfire activity in that state. In North Carolina, fire agencies are conducting controlled burns as weather permits, while researchers and volunteers in Georgia are trying to rejuvenate pine groves with controlled burns of their own (perhaps they should read that Australian study on how smoke promotes regrowth, mentioned a couple of days ago). Jamaica had a bit of a burn, and two stories out of South Africa underscore both the damage done and the hunt for an arsonist in the aftermath of so many suspicious veld fires. Cigarettes have been determined as the cause of a forest fire in China that claimed the life of a forester, while Australian law enforcement is on the hunt for another arsonist in Victoria state. This weekend promises to be a real scorcher for the states of South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, with an elevated bushfire threat, yet in a bizarre twist, the northeastern portion of the continent is being engulfed in flooding! Finally, Li'l Smoky has been sequestered in a den in Northern California for a long winter's nap.

Investigator: Matches used in Esperanza fire 'similar' to others used in brush blazes

Wildfire burns 2,000 acres of brush in Calif.

FEMA reimburses Utah for wildfire

Washington County communities benefit from wildfire protection projects

Crews battle two Burleson fires

Wildfires keeping area firefighters busy

Several controlled burns take advantage of cool, dry weather

Fire aids longleaf pines at Reed Bingham

Bush fires break out in Jacks Hill

South Africa: New Wildfire Threat

Arson probe as fires raze Eden bush and forest

Police: Burning cigarettes caused fatal southwest China forest fire

Police seek driver over Vic bushfires

Heatwave: Three states braced for bushfire threat

Fires to follow floods as wild weather hits Australia

Black bear cub Lil' Smokey released back into the wilderness today

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