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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


We lead off Wildfire News Of The Day with a press release sent along by subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, about the air-tanker contribution to recent wildfires in Southern and Central California. Elsewhere in the news, a firefighter was injured battling a 10-acre wildfire at Lake Elsinore this morning (1); and two men have been charged with misdemeanors for sparking a wildfire in Tehachapi (2). A 15-acre wildfire that burned along the Central Coast yesterday was quickly contained by CAL FIRE firefighters (3); while residents of Clearlake credited fast response by air-tankers for knocking down a wildfire which firefighters have labeled suspicious (4). A wildfire in Mendocino County has been stopped (5); but one in Plumas County is causing some smokey skies for residents (6). Firefighters from both California and Oregon are battling a blaze along their mutual border which has burned over 300 acres so far (7); while another in Oregon's Deschutes County has burned 1,800 acres since its ignition yesterday (8). The next article chronicles the restoration of a very old lookout tower in Washington state's Colville National Forest (9). A wildfire that has burned nearly 1,000 acres in northern Nevada is almost roped in (10); while a wildfire in Colorado's Jefferson County that has burned 73 acres is now considered 90% contained (11); but firefighters in Idaho are keeping busy with several wildfires burning in the Boise National Forest (12). The Arkansas Forestry Commission is cautioning residents of that state about the high wildfire danger (13); while the Maine Forest Service has issued warnings to campers in the state's tinder-dry forests about the wildfire danger (14); the danger underscored by a wildfire in Washington County (15). A summary of wildfires in British Columbia, Canada, is provided by the next two articles (16)(17). More details on the Canadian air-tanker crash are provided by the next two articles (18)(19); but all of British Columbia's air-tankers are now back in operation (20). One person had to be airlifted out of harm's way as a BC wildfire closed in on a home Monday (21). Hundreds of firefighters are battling 119 wildfires burning in northern Saskatchewan (22). Wildfires have been reported in the Mediterranean nations of Spain, Portugal, Greece, Albania, Italy, and Algeria (23); with one on the Greek island of Samos that forced hotel evacuations (24). The Chief of the Ukrainian Weather Forecasting Center assured officials that the smoke from Russia's persistent wildfires would not return to Ukraine (25). In the wake of the wildfire disaster unfolding in Russia, President Medvedev is discussing means to modernize the national firefighting force (26); this coming at a time when Russia admitted that some of their wildfires are still raging out of control (27); and a measure of their desperation is seen in allowing foreign firefighting aircraft to help out battling the blazes (28); even as Iran has extended an offer to help quell the blazes (29). Attempting to deflect growing anger over the sluggish initial response to the devastating wildfires in Russia (which have completely destroyed aircraft hangars and 2,000 homes, as well as threatening a nuclear plant), Prime Minister Putin promised he will be personally viewing operations both during the firefight and the reconstruction via webcams (30); although opposition members in the Duma are faulting Putin for having disbanded the centralized firefighting system which used to protect Russia's forests (31); but the news may not be all bad, as it portrays Putin as a strong leader who has a good shot at recapturing the presidency in the next election (32). An amazing video shows what it was like for Russians literally driving through one of the many wildfires to escape! (33) After a stiff, three-day fight, firefighters to the south in Georgia have finally gained control of a wildfire that burned over 700 acres in rough terrain (34). A new, comprehensive database that includes both convicted and suspected Australian arsonists is expected to be completed by the end of this month (35); but the Victorian Premier is running into difficulties getting bushfire survivors to attend his meetings (36). Now that Victoria's bushfire report has been published, public safety officials are putting together a response (37); but the mayor of Warrnambool designated one spot that should not be listed as a 'safer place' (38). Firefighters in the Northern Territory had several bushfires to battle (39). And finally, a Florida firefighter just wouldn't give up on trying to save a kitten caught in a storm drain, going back on his day off to complete the tricky extrication!

(1) LAKE ELSINORE: Brush fire burns 10 acres, firefighter injured

(2) Sparks from saw started Tehachapi wildfire

(3) Brush Fire Burns Three Miles East Of Hearst Castle

(4) Clearlake wildland fire burned several acres; cause ruled suspicious

(5) Firefighters stop main spread of Cow Mountain fire

(6) Smoky valley skies from Feather River Canyon fire

(7) Firefighters stand ground against Oregon wildfires

(8) Wildfire South Of Sisters Grows To 1800 Acres

(9) Fire lookout restored in Colville National Forest

(10) Firefighters Near Victory on NV Fire

(11) Crews aim for full containment of wildfire Tuesday

(12) Crews battle blaze near Idaho City

(13) Forestry Commission encourages Arkansans to avoid burning

(14) Dry Forests Increasing Risk of Fire Danger

(15) Wildfire raging in Washington County

(16) Marguerite Ferry fire estimated at 750 hectares

(17) Lightning, human error keep wildfires raging across B.C.

(18) Thirty-year pilot from Langley among waterbomber crash victims

(19) Doomed plane dropped load to stay in the air: TSB

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(24) Fire sees Shropshire family flee hotel in Greece

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(27) Russia admits some wildfires are out of control

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(36) Brumby accuses of bushfire 'media stunt'

(37) BUSHFIRES REPORT: Manningham groups prepare response

(38) Foreshore won't be bushfires 'safer place'

(39) Volunteer firefighters battle bush blazes

(40) Firefighter Rescues Kitten from Storm Drain

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