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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Wildfire news today leads off with a story from the New York Times that provides a retrospective on rebuilding in the San Diego, California, community of Rancho Bernardo two years after the devastating Witch Fire; followed by an article about how NASA and Northrop Grumman will be performing tests with the Global Hawk UAVs prior to launching a campaign of environmental research in which the aircraft will be examining atmosphere over the Arctic and elsewhere to measure global warming effects. Due to the release of seasonal firefighting personnel by the US Forest Service, firefighters in Arizona who are battling three wildfires have a limited number of crews with which to deal with the blazes; but the rebirth of vegetation in Florida's Wekiwa Springs State Park following controlled burns is examined next article. The new Environment Minister for one Indonesian state has vowed to address the problem of wildfires that have ravaged the area. Heading Down Under, firefighters in New Zealand are keeping a wary eye on an area in Tiwai which is (hopefully) controlled. An Australian newspaper poll reveals the public's feelings about the Victorian government's preparedness for the new fire season; followed by a look at the long road ahead for rebuilding in that state. Firefighters in New South Wales are battling a 1,000 acre blaze that continues to expand in the Blue Mountains; but, although firefighters averted disaster in Rockhampton, Queensland, the mayor feels that the bushfire alert system needs to be overhauled.

Out of the Ashes

NASA to use unmanned Global Hawk for environmental research

Limited crews fighting three wildfires on national forests

Controlled fires bring November wildflowers

Gusti to focus on climate change, fires and river basins

Firefighters back at Tiwai Point

Mixed reviews for fire tactics

Rebuilding on track, but still a long wait for bushfire towns

Firefighters working to contain fire in Blue Mountains

Rockhampton bushfire alert system a failure - Mayor Brad Carter

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