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Saturday, December 11, 2010


LA County Air Ops Chief Steve Martin announced that the super scoopers, whose contract costs the county $5 million per year, are heading home after a quiet fire season (1); but the saga of the Carson Helicopters crash in Northern California continues with a new twist: the copilot, who survived the crash with severe injuries, disputes the National Transportation Safety Board findings and holds to his claim that the loss of power in one engine caused the crash (2). An article from Southern Oregon breaks down the costs of fighting a wildfire in Ashland which was caused by a homeless man (3); while a wildfire was reported in Weld County, Colorado (4); where a man whose debris fire burned 740 acres outside of Loveland has pled guilty (5). Abilene, Texas, is reporting extremely dry conditions which could lead to an increase in wildfires this winter (6). An abandoned mobile home in Florida was destroyed by a three-acre wildfire which resulted from an unattended debris burn nearby (7); this at a time when the Agricultural Commissioner warned of the increased risk current conditions have created in that state (8). Another prison guard has died from injuries sustained in Israel's Carmel Forest wildfire, bringing the death toll to 43 (9); while a researcher at Israel's Ben-Gurion University broaches the topic of climate change as it relates to increasing drought in the Middle East (10); and the leader of the Palestinian Authority honored firefighters who helped fight the Israeli wildfires (11). Power utilities in Victoria, Australia, whose equipment has been faulted for sparking bushfires, disputed the incoming Prime Minister's assertion that he exercised control over their policies (12); while an Erickson Air-Crane helicopter, affectionately known as Isabelle, has arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, just in time for the bushfire season (13). Things are heating up in Western Australia, with two bushfires having been reported (14); where some rural dwellers are arguing that the Fire and Emergency Service Authority should be mirrored by another fire agency responsible exclusively for rural areas (15). And finally, Santa Claus will have to stick with his sleigh after firefighters in Pompano Beach, Florida, kicked him off their fire truck at this year's holiday parade!

(1) Fire Fighting Planes Flying North For The Winter Due To Good Weather

(2) Oregon helicopter co-pilot disputes report on deadly firefighting crash

(3) Firefighting agencies spent about $45K to battle Oak Knoll Fire

(4) Wildfire near Lochbuie nearly out

(5) Man pleads guilty in Loveland wildfire

(6) It's dry, and it's only going to get drier

(7) Small wildfire destroys mobile home in Cocoa

(8) Bronson Reminds Public That Freezing Temperatures Increase Wildfire Risk

(9) Prison guard, 29, dies of injuries from Carmel forest fire

(10) Now can we talk about climate change?

(11) Abbas honors firefighters who helped douse Carmel blaze

(12) Baillieu seen as powerless on bills

(13) Huge bushfire bomber arrives in Sydney

(14) Crews battle to contain bushfires

(15) BFF calls for independent fire control authority

(16) Santa denied ride by Pompano Beach firefighters for holiday parade

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