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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


In Southern California, SDG&E has had some problems with the contractor building the Sunrise PowerLink transmission lines through San Diego County not being responsive to USFS wildfire restrictions (1); while Washington State University is studying how suppression of wildfires in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area has negatively impacted the population of Bighorn sheep (2); and the next article looks at the problem of getting wildfire arsonists to pay for the damage they cause in Nevada (3). Although US Forest Service is advising Arizonans to remain calm, La Nina conditions have pushed the wildfire danger way up in that state (4); and it's much the same story next door in New Mexico (5). Colorado State Forest Service will be administering a loan program intended to help remove beetle-killed trees in several counties to reduce the wildfire hazard (6). City and state officials will be providing free trees to residents of Bastrop, Texas, devastated by wildfires in 2011 (7); but despite the fact it's still the dead of winter, firefighters in Denton County were practicing wildfire fighting (8). An exploding aerosol can sparked a 15-acre wildfire in Benner Township, Pennsylvania (9). As the hope for rain dims in Marion County, Florida, the fear of wildfires is growing (10); even as La Nina prolongs the drought across the state (11); firefighters conducting controlled burns in the Apalachicola National Forest to reduce the danger there (12). More volunteers have been requested by the UK's Forestry Commission to help replant wildfire-ravaged Swinley Forest (13). Flags flew at half-mast across Victoria, Australia, and parliament had a moment of silence to commemorate the Black Saturday bushfires (14); but as most Victorians mourn Black Saturday, some are out for blood from utilities blamed for some of the fires (15); and a political brawl broke out over failed communications during a bushfire in Strathewen over the weekend (16). Victoria's Minister for Bushfire Recovery stated that even though the Bushfire Building Advisory Service will be shutting down in June, the state government will extend its service period if necessary (17); however, despite public outcry against graphic bushfire warning ads, he stated that they will not be pulled from the airwaves (18); while there is concern in the public service sector that some organizations vital to emergency recovery from bushfires are not being included in planning discussions (19). A total fire ban has been imposed around Perth, WA, due to the extreme bushfire danger (20); the next article taking a closer look at the Sentinel Alert bushfire warning system being trialed in that state (21). And finally, some recollections of Tennessee's historic Holston Mountain High Knob Fire Tower are provided in our last installment today!

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