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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


As the Sheep Fire reaches 30% containment, the suppression bill has exceeded $1 million, in our first wildfire article today; but the tragedy of a US Forest Service firefighter who has lost two homes now to Southern California wildfires is recounted in an LA Times article. A chain of animal hospitals in Southern California is offering free boarding for pets of evacuees; and to no one's surprise, a new study shows that burn areas in Southern California will suffer increased risk of mudslides. A follow-on story to the tale of a near-death experience by two people who jumped into a hot tub to escape the flames from the Station fire is up next; even as Ventura County hydromulching efforts to reseed areas burned by the Jesusita fire conclude and the US Forest Service begins their own operation. An update on the arrival at Santa Maria Airport of a Russian-built BE-200 firefighting aircraft is provided in the next article. A letter to the editor of an Oroville newspaper is supportive of the work of the California Fire Safe Council despite an article that pointed blame at the organization for lack of vegetation clearance in a Southern California neighborhood where homes were lost to the Station Fire. Residents in Arizona who were evacuated when an out-of-control prescribed burn threatened their homes question the wisdom of forestry officials deliberately setting the fire; but a 1,350 acre prescribed burn in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton national Forest has concluded successfully. Tennessee fire officials are cautioning residents that even though they've had some wet weather, fire danger still exists in parts of that state; while a manager for the Alabama Forestry Commission is concerned about wildfire safety for that state's homeowners; and Florida's fire officials offer some advice to homeowners on how to protect themselves from wildfires in that state. A report from Russia indicates that BE-200 activity was minimal in the European Union due to less severe wildfires in Europe this year, but that the aircraft will provide an important replacement when the current fleet of CL-415 aircraft are retired in a few years (apologies to non-Russian speakers, the translated article can be seen here). Kashmir, India, is burning again, as wildfires destroyed hundreds of trees in that region. Victoria's Premier had a cordial visit with the Queen of England, in which the Black Saturday bushfires that ravaged his Australian state were the main topic of conversation. As the government of Victoria cautions that this bushfire season could be worse than the last one, they feel they're better prepared, while cautioning people not to become complacent. A backburn which was begun outside of Marysville just before the wind changed on Black Saturday is being examined by the Royal Bushfire Commission. Two items on the technology front today: an automated bushfire-protection system is highlighted in a press release; and another article discussing the urgent need to deploy FireWatch systems to detect bushfires in Australia, at an estimated $90,000 apiece, is up next. According to investigators, a bushfire that killed three "road train" drivers in West Australia was deliberately set; while severe bushfire conditions in parts of Queensland have prompted fire officials to impose a fire ban until the middle of October. Firefighters in New South Wales were aided greatly in extinguishing bushfires by a heavy downpour.

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