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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In another legacy of the Station Fire, debris basins designed to catch runoff from the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains are in danger of being overwhelmed by debris left over from that wildfire as rains continue to pound Southern California, our first wildfire story today (1); but residents of tony Malibu are up in arms about a plan being considered by LA County to relocate inmate firefighters to that area due to the destruction of the inmate camp near Mt. Gleason during the Station Fire last year (2). As San Bernardino National Forest continues burn area restoration, they're looking for a few good... planters (3). Authorities are seeking information about arson fires lit in Mississippi over the weekend (4); while a junior firefighter has been charged with setting over a dozen wildfires in a North Carolina community (5). There are two stories from the technology front today: the makers of the popular Bambi Buckets used by heli-tankers have now added a sensor package that will monitor their operation (6); and a new thermal imaging lens will improve firefighters' ability to detect hot spots in burn areas in the future, reducing the chances of reignition from hidden fire pits (7). A one-day symposium in the African nation of Ghana brought together interested parties to help stifle bushfires (8); while firefighters battled a bushfire north of New Zealand's capital overnight (9). An Australian newspaper in Victoria is soliciting stories from survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires to commemorate the first anniversary of that tragedy (10); even as a shire has developed a plan for protecting their community from bushfires (11). A lightning-sparked bushfire that had been burning in Gippsland since the weekend has diminished in ferocity due to a timely rain storm (12); and two USFS experts from California have arrived in Victoria to help advise on the best way to tackle bushfires (13). A disgruntled teen has admitted to lighting a bushfire in Western Australia last month (14); while a benefit concert for survivors of the Toodyay bushfire that destroyed dozens of homes will provide $6,000 to the Lord Mayor's fund, no doubt music to their ears! (15) FESA has put tourists in parts of Western Australia on notice about the bushfire danger at present (16). And finally, fire agencies across Australia had a bit of fun with some new alert levels for the bushfire warning system, working hard to outdo each other in the gravity of their language (after all, how do you top a warning of 'absolutely frigging apocalyptic'?)

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