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Monday, May 10, 2010


Wildfire News Of The Day begins with a story from the Southern California community of Murrieta, which has opened a new fire station that the chief says protects some of the worst wildfire territory around (1); while firefighters near Lake Isabella had a 10 acre blaze to battle Saturday night (2). Fire experts from the US Forest Service comment on the fire situation in Oregon this year (3); and authorities believe they have apprehended an arsonist who set nearly a dozen fires on Washington state's Colville Indian Reservation last year (4). Coconino National Forest personnel are watching the weather to determine Arizona's fire season (5); followed by a photo spread that shows air tankers in action over a blaze in the Coronado National Forest (6); while the next three articles summarize wildfires which have been burning in that state, including one near the base of world-famous Kitt Peak Observatory (7)(8)(9). Our next article takes a closer look at how the Colorado Beetle Kill Trade Association plans to turn lemons into lemonade in regards to beetle-killed trees (10); and Colorado State University has agreed to slash fees for processing wildland fire bills, something that will help reduce the financial burden on fire departments across the state (11). The virtue of becoming a Firewise community is highlighted by an article from Idaho (12); while in Wyoming, the Yellowstone Recreations Foundation has received $45,000 to clear vegetation in an effort to reduce wildfire danger (13). The next article takes a look back at some of the wildfires that burned in New England nearly 100 years ago! (14) A New Jersey man has been charged with arson after incompletely extinguishing a fire that reignited to burn 500 acres over the weekend (15); and another which burned 80 acres in Hamilton Township was deemed suspicious (16); all this coming at a time when the National Weather Service is predicting a high fire danger for the next couple of days in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania (17). Low humidity combined with windy conditions also has firefighters in North Carolina on edge today (18). A wildfire in Southwest Florida was an unwelcome Mother's Day gift to residents (19); while a wildfire behind a housing development in Palm Coast gave homeowners a bit of a scare (20); and as if that wasn't enough, firefighters are lighting some of their own in Ocala National Forest! (21) A Canadian Forces major from Ontario, who is retiring from active duty, looks forward to a few more years as an air-tanker pilot (22); and perhaps he should look north, because although the Northwest Territories had a fairly mild wildfire season last year, this year could be much different (23). An Op-Ed piece from Karnataka state, India, reveals some interesting aspects of wildfires in the tropics (24). The planned purchase of several Global Hawks by Australia could be a boon for bushfire managers seeking to track fires from the air (25). After hearing from 429 witnesses over 148 days, the Royal Bushfire Commission has concluded the testimonial portion of its proceedings (26). Victoria's state government is passing along some of the costs for maintaining Neighborhood Safe Places to the communities where they are located (27); but one man's efforts to provide nesting boxes for possums in bushfire-hit Victoria has earned him a Victorian Education Outstanding Parents Award (28). Volunteers from Tasmania are helping to replant parts of Victoria burned in the Black Saturday bushfires (29); while Queensland Fire and Rescue's Area Director of Rural Operations is looking to do a little bit of burning now that the fire season is over (30). A new portent of doom has been forecast by the University of New South Wales, forecasting disaster due to climate change which will make bushfires one of the least of Australia's problems (31); but for now, the potential for wildfires has increased in the Northern Territory (32). And finally, firefighters in McMinnville, Oregon, didn't have to go far to battle a truck fire!

(1) Murrieta opens its fifth fire station

(2) Wildfire burns 10 acres in Lake Isabella area

(3) Experts Are Looking at This Year's Fire Season

(4) Nespelem man arrested as suspect in starting 10 reservation wildfires

(5) Weather determine northern AZ fire season

(6) Hunter Canyon charred by flames

(7) Officials: Wildfire near Flagstaff 95% contained

(8) 2 wildfires burn in southern Arizona

(9) Arizona wildfires

(10) Making the Most of an Ecological Disaster: The Pine Beetle Kill

(11) CSU agrees to lower fire fund fees

(12) Hidden Lakes works to prevent future wildfires

(13) SG gains ‘reserve’ funds to clear trails, prevent wildfire

(14) Call Militia To Fight Forest Fires in East

(15) Man faces arson charge in NJ forest fire

(16) Hamilton Township forest fire deemed suspicious, police say

(17) Forecast: Risk of fires and freezing temps

(18) Dry, windy conditions could lead to brush fires

(19) Wildfire burns 140 acres, threatened 3 homes

(20) Homes Evacuated In Palm Coast Wildfire

(21) Ocala National Forest to hold prescribed burn today

(22) A love of flight

(23) N.W.T. could face busy wildfire season

(24) Forest Fire: a Burning Issue

(25) Abbott to buy unmanned Global Hawk planes to detect boat arrivals, protect North West Shelf

(26) Bushfire witness hearings completed

(27) Almost ‘nothing’ for NSPs

(28) Accolades out of the woodwork

(29) Green gift to help Victorian bushfire regeneration

(30) Rekindling enthusiasm for bushfire preparation

(31) Too hot to live: grim long-term prediction

(32) Fears bushfires could hit Central Australia

(33) McMinnville firefighters don't have to go far to put out flaming truck

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