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Monday, June 01, 2009


Some interesting new technology from MIT will allow CAL FIRE airborne spotters to see clearly through smoke on the ground and provide real-time locations of firefighters and apparatus, something which could radically improve an Incident Commander's intel, in our first wildfire article today. A detailed analysis of CAL FIRE's equipment and strategy is provided by the next two articles. Dry lightning ignited a passel of small wildfires in the Sierras near Lake Tahoe in California; and in the Shasta-Trinity Forest area as well. A pair of stories from Oregon detail fires there. The Melendrez Fire south of Tucson, Arizona, burned several hundred acres over the weekend. Minnesota firefighters received aerial support from helicopters and a CL-215 as they battled a wildfire in a wetland area. A small wildfire was spotted in Staten Island, New York; which may drive down real estate prices, since an insurance study showed that homes in wildfire-prone areas don't sell as well as homes elsewhere. There were a number of wildfire articles out of Canada today: a wildfire in British Columbia is forcing authorities to evacuate residents in its path; even though Ontario's fire alert status remains low; but a small wildfire near Edmonton, Alberta, gave Canadian firefighters some trouble over the weekend; and a SEAT had to make a forced landing on a country road near Edmonton while fighting that wildfire. With an outlay of nearly $6 million in suppression costs so far this year, British Columbia is seeing a doubling of fire activity due to the dry spring; and the province of Saskatchewan is also noting a spike in wildfires this year. The Italian aerial firefighting force is lending its strength to European neighbors for the upcoming fire season, and may even consider assistance overseas, something that could help provide aerial protection for parts of Southern California (more on that from Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network, who is just back from a fact-finding trip to France and Italy, in the future). Southern Finland is on fire alert as small wildfires are already reported in the area. India's forest rangers are moving into the 21st century, as 6,000 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are distributed. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's bushfire information was either unavailable or misleading, according to testimony at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings in Melbourne, Victoria; followed by an apology from Country Fire Authority's chief about the lack of information. A progress report of the rebuilding effort in Victoria is provided by the next article. And finally, a former Cincinnati firefighter was arrested for using water from a fire hydrant to fill a swimming pool!

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