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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Arizonans are worried that cuts to the Hazardous Fuel Reduction Program by politicians in Washington DC could prove expensive in the future (1). A wildfire was reported in the Texas Panhandle's Swisher County yesterday (2); and several hundred acres in southeastern Texas were scorched by marsh fires as well (3); but although firefighters in San Angelo County have received compensation from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover costs associated with wildfires in 2011, compensation for the largest fire are still under consideration (4). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, President of Montana-based Neptune Aviation, commented on their commitment towards replacing their aging P-2V aircraft with BAE-146 jet-tankers (5); while high winds prompted officials in Missouri and eastern Kansas to issue wildfire alerts (6); and despite the fact that the daytime high is anticipated to be 38°F, cities in Central Alabama are on wildfire alert (7). Firefighters in the South American nation of Chile have squelched 18 wildfires, but two dozen remain active (8); one of which was apparently started, ironically, by an eco-conscious Israeli tourist (9); the disaster blowing back onto Chile's president (10). In order to reduce the incidence of forest fires in the African nation of Malawi, the government proposed several ideas which tribal leaders could implement (11); while India's Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is putting measures in place to deal with the expected wildfires of summer (12). In Australia, a man accused of setting 17 bushfires in Victoria's Dandenong Ranges has asked that his name not be released due to fears for his safety (13); where people living in more remote parts of that state may find the power turned off more frequently due to the bushfire danger this summer (14). Rainfall helped to keep fuels moist in New South Wales over the holidays, reducing the number of bushfire calls for Rural Fire Service firefighters (15); but the elevated bushfire danger due to soaring temperatures in that state prompted fire officials to warn residents of the situation (16). Farmers in South Australia battled bushfires over the holidays, the likes of which they had not seen since 1994 (17); and although firefighters from Country Fire Service have brought a bushfire in the Flinders Ranges under control (18); a BBC video shows there's still a few others to deal with (19); even as business owners on the Fleurieu Peninsula are urging the government to impose a power-outage early warning system after power was abruptly cut due to the bushfire danger (20). Bushfire activity in Western Australia is the topic of the next item (21); where, although the Margaret River region was hard hit by bushfires in 2011, wineries still did a good deal of business over the holidays (22). As if the Tasmanian Fire Service didn't already have enough to deal with, arsonists apparently lit some of the blazes that broke out across the state (23). And finally, despite the damage done to Siberia's Amur Leopard habitat, zoos in the UK are giving them a fighting chance to repopulate the region!

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