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Monday, March 19, 2012


Thousands of schoolchildren are being taught the basics of fire safety in Tulare County, California (1). Fire agencies in Phoenix, Arizona, will be canvassing neighborhoods to identify wildfire hazards (2); and to commemorate Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy's 10th year, personnel will focus on lessons learned (3); while a 450-acre blaze burned in Santa Cruz County (4). A wildfire which scorched 84 mi.² and threatened the town of Eckley, Colorado, is finally contained (5); and a smaller blaze has been contained in El Paso County near the town of Truckton (6). South Dakota Division of Wildland Fire Suppression laid out the rules and regulations for what happens to parents when their kids start wildfires (7); even as warmer weather brought the threat of more early-season wildfires, such as a 400-acre blaze reported on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (8). A wind-driven wildfire was reported in Cass County, Minnesota, on Sunday (9); and as US Forest Service investigates a wildfire in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest, warm, dry conditions across that state continue to increase the likelihood of more blazes (10). The next article takes a look at the tempestuous history of a CL-215 Super Scooper that once served with the North Carolina Forest Service (11); while a wildfire on Georgia's Skidaway Island blocked traffic briefly over the weekend (12); but a 4-acre wildfire reported in St. Johns County, Florida, is now considered 75% contained (13). Alberta, Canada, is launching a formal investigation of the Slave Lake wildfires which did $700 million in damage (14); and in addition, the province is looking towards the Firewise Communities USA program for pointers on how better to prevent wildfires in their region (15). The next article takes a closer look at intentionally-set wildfires in the Central American nation of Costa Rica, which saw 3,500 wildfires in the first two months of this year (16). Vehicles from British Army Training Unit Kenya are being used to move firefighters closer to the blazes on Mount Kenya in Africa (17); where helicopters did what they could to slow the progress of the wildfires (18). A wildfire burning in Southwest China's Yunnan Province has prompted the mobilization of over 1,000 personnel, along with firefighting helicopters and excavators (19). The trial of a man accused of lighting a 36,000-hectare bushfire that destroyed 156 homes and killed 10 people in Victoria during the Black Saturday bushfires is underway again (20); while Habitat for Humanity plans to build 25 homes for Black Saturday survivors (21). New South Wales Rural Fire Service reminded elderly residents of their program to help prepare their property for bushfires (22); but record rainfall has resulted in an early cessation to the bushfire season there (23). The West Australian Premier will commission a new study on the Margaret River bushfires (24); and although an off-duty police officer has been cleared of starting a bushfire which destroyed many homes in Roleystone and Kelmscott, plaintiffs have launched a $10 million damages claim against him (25); while the Wallcliffe Volunteer Bushfire Brigade has launched a preparedness campaign, along with a little fundraising (26). And finally, students from church groups across Texas are finding a better way to celebrate spring break this year: helping repair the damage done by the 2011 Texas wildfires!

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