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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In wildfire news today, firefighters in Big Bear, California, responded to a small wildfire yesterday (1); while firefighters in the Inland Empire responded to a 100 acre wildfire with 200 firefighters, supported by air-tankers (2). The plight of Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base, which has yet to extend its runways for the largest air tankers, is discussed in the next item (3); but helicopters were credited by CAL FIRE with keeping a wildfire in check in Central California (4); where a wildfire was reported on the Tule Reservation as well (5). An update on the wildfires in northern Arizona, where 1000 evacuees have been allowed to return home, is provided by the next item (6). With cooperative weather, firefighters are finally beginning to make gains against the wildfires in northern Arizona (7); while an Arizona Congresswoman praised firefighters for their diligence in battling the blazes (8); even as Fire Management Assistance Grants were promised to the Governor of Arizona by the President to help out with the massive wildfires still burning in that state (9); and homeowners were urged to take precautions to protect their homes (10). The contribution of air-tankers to the wildfire battles in Northern Arizona is presented by the next article (11). The efforts of a bulldozer crew proved crucial in a wildfire burning in New Mexico's Lincoln County (12). A scenic railroad appears to be the source of a wildfire that broke out in Colorado's Royal Gorge (13); where at least one home has been destroyed by the resultant blaze (14); but it appears that the tourist attraction will reopen today, thanks to efforts by firefighters (15). In addition to the usual wildfire precautions, such as clearing defensible space, having an evacuation plan, etc., an insurance organization in Colorado reminded homeowners to also make sure their insurance provides full coverage for any damage (16). A wheat fire in Virginia burned several firefighters when the wind changed the direction of the blaze (17); and a wildfire in Brevard County, Florida, forced the evacuation of a number of homes (18). A Canadian wildfire near Prince George, British Columbia, was apparently sparked by lightning (19); but while Manitoba's southern regions have had an abundance of rain, their northern regions are experiencing a high fire danger (20); as underscored by the next article (21). Israeli aerial firefighters have run out of long-term retardant due to wildfires that continue to ravage the Middle Eastern nation (a curious situation, considering that ICL, makers of Phos-Chek, is located in Israel!) (22) Lebanon's Civil Defense Forces were also battling wildfires across that country for a second day in a row (23). Timber stands in Jharkhand, India, are being threatened by a phenomenon familiar to firefighters in the Eastern US: underground coal fires! (24) Heading to Australia, an interim Chief Officer for Country Fire Authority has been selected as their current embattled Chief steps down (25); while two teenagers accused of starting a bushfire in Victoria which destroyed dozens of homes, resulting in one death, will be appearing in court (26). Graziers are busy in Queensland, where an abundance of grass has created an abundance of fuel for the next bushfire season (27). And finally, an adaptation of the V-22 Osprey aircraft, created under a NASA competition among college engineering students, touted its ability to perform amphibious rescues, as well as wildland firefighting missions!

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