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Friday, July 25, 2008


Substantially fewer wildfire news articles today (about time!) First up, an article forwarded by San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum’s Bill Hoffman about San Diego’s ongoing tussle over a comprehensive wildfire plan (with mention of several SDRFSF members in attendance), followed by one on a blaze around Encinitas. An increasing number of fire hydrants are being pillaged for brass, so check those hydrants before hooking up. Insurance companies are (understandably) getting tougher on policyholders who don’t prepare for wildfires (some fire stations in LACoFD keep files on who has kept their property up to fire code on brush clearance, prompting insurance companies to check in with policyholders’ local stations for compliance after a claim is filed – no compliance by policyholders can cause the insurance company to deny claims after a fire). And from overseas, a couple of stories on Greek wildfires, old and new, and debate in Australia on the cost of fire breaks, something folks in San Diego can relate to.

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Theft of brass nuts leaves hydrants useless, creates delays for firefighters

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