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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Oregon Department of Forestry's Eastern Lane Unit of the South Cascade Range is concerned about dry conditions in the Willamette Valley leading to an early fire season there, our first wildfire article today (1); while Carson City, Nevada has learned to fight wildfires with... dumpsters! (2) A vegetation thinning company won an Arizona small business award for their outstanding work protecting citizens from wildfires (3); but elsewhere in that state, a wildfire in the Coronado National Forest is giving firefighters on the Mexican side of the border some trouble as well (4). Bureau of Land Management fire managers are planning to burn over 1,500 acres of vegetation near Steamboat Springs, Colorado (5). Wind-driven wildfires broke out in New Mexico yesterday (6); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Public Relations Coordinator/Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, sent along the following press release on the topic (7); while fire agencies in next-door neighbor Texas are on high alert due to the prime wildfire conditions (8). Michigan State University, in conjunction with FireWise, is educating residents of that state on how to keep their dream home from becoming their death trap in a wildfire (9); but because of Wisconsin's ongoing drought, Department of Natural Resources firefighters have had a busy two weeks (10). The wildfire danger in Pennsylvania is growing as spring conditions warm and dry the vegetation (11); and Native Canadian councils have informed Canadian government bodies that they will have to answer to the councils for any damage wrought by wildfires on Native Canadian property this fire season (12). Lebanon will be building a new forest fire-fighting facility (with some donations from the US) in Ehmej (13). Firefighters in India's Himalayan foothills reported some fire activity (14); and Sanjay Gandhi National Park has been the unfortunate victim of over two dozen fires since the first of the year (15). As Vietnam continues to suffer through a severe drought, forest fires have already destroyed more acreage than in 2008 and 2009 combined! (16) On the technology front, a clever Australian college student who lost friends to the Black Saturday blazes has designed a slick little piece of firefighting equipment that can get into some tight spots (17). And finally, what do Fire Wardens do in Pennsylvania when there are no fires to battle? Throw a banquet!

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