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Monday, September 29, 2008


Today in the news, San Diego officials released a map of San Diego listing the areas endangered by wildfire activity, while the governor passed a host of bills, including several that were wildfire-related. Cal Fire is in the news today, first in an article about how they were left out of the funding picture when the budget was passed, the second about their teaming up with some folks to host a wildfire preparedness conference in Sacramento. On the technology front, an article discusses using biomass for energy in the San Bernardino National Forest. The Modesto Bee warns that the fire season isn't over quite yet in California, and as if to underscore that, nearly 1,000 acres in Los Padres National Forest have gone up in smoke in Monterey County. Kentucky is also entering their fall wildfire season and fire authorities there are enforcing burn bans accordingly. The Salt Lake Tribune interviews one of the researchers who contributed to the ground-breaking study of 2,000 years of wildfires (the report will be published in Nature Geoscience October 1st). Critics of the US Forest Service are griping about the poor separation of maintenance versus wildfire funding, a problem they contend results in USFS stealing from infrastructure funds to pay wildfire suppression costs. Switching overseas, New South Wales, Australia, is having some unseasonably warm temperatures along with winds, which is driving bushfires in the region. Finally, an article that makes a strong case for firefighters to warm up before they overexert in order to protect themselves from heart attacks.

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