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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Fire crews have finally contained a 2,135-acre wildfire near Julian in Southern California's San Diego County (1); while the ongoing battle to repeal California's controversial annual wildfire-protection fee is examined by the next article (2). A total of 66 acres were set ablaze by Colorado's Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department yesterday (3); but a wildfire that burned several acres in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, has been extinguished (4). A wildfire burned 25 acres in Fort Worth, Texas, yesterday (5); and although a 320-acre wildfire burning in Bastrop County is 50% contained, firefighters fear that the onset of winds could change that (6); while a 100-acre wildfire was reported on Mustang Island outside of Corpus Christi (7); followed by an Op-Ed piece that focuses on the impact wildfires in that state have had on pest control (8). FEMA will be helping wildfire survivors in the Texas counties of Travis, Williamson and Colorado over the next few days (9); while a group of Texas A&M students have formed Aggie Wildfire Relief to raise funds for wildfire survivors (10); but although Bastrop State Park was badly damaged in the wildfires, nearby Buescher State Park has reopened for campers (11). Fire officials are reopening roads and trails closed due to wildfires in Montana's Flathead National Forest (12). A wildfire burning along South Dakota's Todd County-Tripp County line has scorched 20,000 acres, destroying thousands of dollars worth of crops (13); but with nearly 400,000 acres of the Black Hills National Forest infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle, fire managers worry about the tinderbox conditions (14). With winds and dry weather coupled with heat in the forecast, Red Flag warnings have been issued for parts of Minnesota (15); while Arkansas Game and Fish Commission requested assistance fighting an 1,100-acre wildfire burning in Searcy County (16). The town of Smithers, British Columbia, has received a report from a professional forester on how to prepare for wildfires (17); but more wildfires were reported in Spain and Portugal, as well as Italy, Albania, Croatia, and the North African nation of Morocco (18). As the bushfire season arrives early in some parts of the country, Emergency Management Australia has had meetings with numerous agencies to discuss how best to prepare (19); even as a retired CSIRO scientist warned that Australia faces conditions similar to those in the 1970s when 15% of the continent went up in flames (20). With 35° temperatures across Central Queensland, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Central Region assistant commissioner warned of the extreme bushfire danger this weekend (21); while fire crews in the southeast got a break from some providential rainstorms, although North and Central Queensland are still flaming (22); and the Lockyer Valley Regional Council is preparing for bushfire season with an ambitious program that includes some tips to homeowners on how to prepare their property for the inevitable blazes of summer (23). As Bushfires NT firefighters continued to battle blazes near Alice Springs, motorists were warned of the driving hazard caused by the smoke (24). And finally, the next time you respond to an incident, take along a few clowns!

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