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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Wildfires in Camp Pendleton and the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California lead off our wildfire news today; followed by a story about a controversial California logging bill. As Seattle, Washington, nears a record dry spell, fire agencies are watching the fire index nervously; even as fire officials in Central Washington are keeping a close eye on timber where a dry lightning storm just passed. A major conflagration south of Tucson, Arizona, has covered 27 square miles, but is still only 35% contained; while a $4 million US Forest Service regional air-attack base at Phoenix has been greenlighted. Forestry officials contend that a New Mexico controlled burn is still under control, though 'very active'. A new wildfire air base is under consideration by US Forest Service in Idaho; something which may be needed sooner rather than later as Utah's first official fire of the season has started in Dixie National Forest. Testimony before Congress on the beetle infestations killing groves of trees in Montana is given in the next article. Weather patterns don't bode well for the western US this fire season, according to a USA Today article. A Florida company will be garnering some federal funds to mitigate wildfire risk in Escambia County. RCMP is enforcing burn bans in British Columbia as one party-goers' fire took off; even as firefighters are seeing that province's wildfire budget turn to ash, having already had double the number of fires seen for an entire year just as the fire season officially begins! Heli-tack teams put on a demonstration for government officials at the Campbell River air-attack base late last week. With their oilsands center in danger of being cutoff by wildfires, Alberta is calling for help; while the world's largest uranium processing facility is being threatened by wildfires burning in Saskatchewan. With 17 wildfires sparked by lightning on Sunday, Manitoba has added its name to the list of Canadian provinces burning; and, although aerial firefighters sometimes refer to their aircraft as 'fireships', one up in Manitoba became the real thing! Naïveté mixed with anger as Australian residents of communities destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires claimed that pamphlets handed out by Country Fire Authority never addressed the possibility that people could die defending their homes. The factors which go into determining the bushfire risk to property are discussed in the next item. A trio of bushfire memorials received funding in Victoria; but hundreds of Black Saturday survivors are joining a class-action lawsuit against an Australian power company. After four months, what was probably the last Black Saturday blaze (a peat fire) is finally out; just as Queensland firefighters are keeping a close eye on an arson-sparked blaze near a national park. And finally, a training exercise on rescuing victims from a Colorado canyon turned all too real for a pair of firefighters!

Brush fires reported in Cleveland forest and Camp Pendleton

Herger bill would fast-track forest clearing, logging

Spring dry spell approaching record in Seattle

Wash. fire crews on fire lookout

Southern Arizona wildfire grows to 27 square miles

Design OK'd for wildfire base at Gateway

Prescribed burn 'very active'

Officials eye wildfire base at new airport

11-acre wildfire in Dixie National Forest is season's first

Rehberg testifies on beetle infestation

Weather extremes stalk each coast

Molino Company Awarded $25,000 Contract To Reduce Wildfire Risk

JUNE 16. Bush fires erupt in Thornhill

Blazes cut into yearly fire budget

Getting the drop on fires

Fort McMurray could be cut off by wildfires: Province calling for help

Sask. forest fire burns near major uranium facility

Forest Fire Weather

Pilot and passenger escape helicopter fire in central Manitoba

Woman left 'after hearing roar of fire'

Hard stats shed light on bushfire risk

Memorials to commemorate February bushfires

700 to join Black Saturday lawsuit

Black Saturday blaze finally out

Steady vigil on bushfire

Simulated rescue turns real for Aurora firefighters

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