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Friday, October 08, 2010


Firefighters in and around Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest are on high alert as wildfire conditions reach a peak this weekend (1); even as firefighters from four Native American reservations in San Diego County (Pauma, Pala, Rincon and San Pasqual) have offered their assistance in battling any wildfires that break out in the area (2); and CAL FIRE unveils a new computer tool called an Offshore Flow Severity Index which they hope will help them identify wildfire danger zones well before the fires break out (3). Fire cadets from New Mexico's San Juan College Fire Academy had some practice battling a deliberately-set wildfire (4); while a wildfire that burned 473 acres in Colorado's Grand County has been completely contained (5). As the debate continues over whether to close Utah's Camp Williams, a National Guard base where a destructive wildfire was sparked by live-fire exercises, the next article takes a look at the tendency for such operations to ignite wildfires (6). Residents of Montgomery County, Texas, have been told to keep a sharp eye out for any wildfires (7); which is probably good advice, considering a wildfire which has been burning in Newton County has just now been contained after scorching 180 acres (8). As part of National Fire Safety Week, firefighters in South Dakota are educating school kids about wildland firefighting (9); but parts of Michigan will be under a Red Flag warning today (10). A wildfire has been reported in Henry County, Alabama (11); while Louisiana's Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner reported that two suspected wildfire arsonists have been arrested (12). The fire situation in Mississippi, where 333 wildfires have been reported since the beginning of the month, is examined by the next article (13); followed by one which provides sage advice to homeowners on how to protect their property (14). Scores of firefighters will take part in a simulated wildfire in North Carolina next week (15); and several tips on how to prepare for what is projected to be a very bad wildfire season in Florida are provided by the next article (16). A pair of wildfires were reported in Santu Lussurgiu and Mandas, Italy, while eight more burned in Algeria, North Africa (17). A wildfire burning on New Caledonia's Isle of Pines closed the airport on that South Pacific island for a while (18); while several towns in Victoria, Australia, which are considered to be at high risk are beginning to lay out their bushfire preparedness plans (19). And finally, for those SEAT pilots (or aspiring air-tanker pilots) who have longed for an accurate Air Tractor simulator, the wait is over!

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