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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A wildfire northwest of Los Angeles, California, scorched over 1,000 acres and forced the evacuation of dozens of homes (1); as containment reached 30%, more details are provided by the next item, along with some video of the DC-10 in action (2); and as containment increased, evacuees were allowed to return home (3). Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies were looking for potential suspects in the attack on a US Forest Service ranger in the Angeles National Forest last week (4); and one firefighter was treated for a minor injury as CAL FIRE firefighters and air-tankers battled a 12-acre blaze outside of San Juan Bautista yesterday (5). A wildfire burning in Kings Canyon National Park, in the Sierras, has now passed the 2,000-acre mark (6); while CAL FIRE reported a wildfire in Mount Diablo State Park yesterday as well (7). A summary of wildfires burning in Oregon is provided by the next article (8). Ashland earned its name as a wildfire burned several residences to ash (9); but a homeless man has been arrested, suspected of starting the blaze (10); and another blaze was reported west of Walton (11). As temperatures go up in Washington state, so do wildfire fears (12); parts of the western US baking during a hot spell that has increased wildfire activity in several states (13). The contentious issue of back burns on public land in Idaho is explored by the next item (14); followed by two articles that summarize wildfires burning in that state (15)(16); including a wildfire south of Boise that burned roughly 100 acres of grassland (17). Wildfires in Montana is the topic of the next article (18); where a blaze near Alder Creek is still expanding (19). Firefighters battled a large wildfire near Nacogdoches, Texas (20); while a grassfire in Arkansas required coordination by numerous agencies to bring it under control (21). Residents of Kansas City were reminded of the wildfire danger by the Nature Conservancy (22). A new study shows that Alaska's boreal forests are changing due to Global Warming, adding to the damage done by wildfires (23). The value of a Canadian air-tanker simulator which has been created from scratch by an air-tanker officer in British Columbia is highlighted by the next article (24); not that air-tanker pilots are lacking in real blazes to practice on, as winds have breathed new life into wildfires burning in that province (25). More firefighters will be headed to British Columbia from Ontario province, which continues to enjoy a quiet wildfire season (26). Several wildfires were reported in the northern African nation of Algeria, along with ongoing blazes in Spain, Portugal, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey (27). Acres of vineyards and olive groves have been destroyed by wildfires in Albania (28); but the Turkish Directorate General of Forests has revealed that there has been a 60% decline in wildfire activity in that Mediterranean nation (29). An Australian DJ who spotted bushfire smoke on the Spanish island of Ibiza was instrumental in warning tourists of the fire danger (30). As the Victorian government prepares to unveil their findings on Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission report, there is some hope that they may designate some locations in the Dandenongs as bushfire safer places (31); but as that state ponders the cost of bushfires to the electrical infrastructure, the next article offers some suggestions for alternative choices (32). Police in New South Wales postulate that a bushfire may have been set to clear trees blocking a homeowner's view (33); and a wildfire near Woodburn has firefighters concerned that there may be an early start to the bushfire season this year (34). Smoke from a bushfire is causing problems for motorists south of Darwin, Northern Territory (35). And finally, in addition to the usual hazards of the job, firefighters in central California battling a wildfire also had to deal with an abundance of tarantulas!

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