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Friday, February 20, 2009


In wildfire news today, grass fires cropped up in Oklahoma, but a sizeable wildfire is 90% contained in Texas. More details emerged on a 52-acre blaze that scorched Colorado earlier this week, and in South Carolina, a citizens' action group has formed to inform homeowners of the danger of wildfires. A wildfire is burning in Tibet near the Indian border, according to the next article. In response to reports of 'in-fighting' between fire agencies in Australia during the recent bushfires, two firefighting agencies replied in the next article, as opponents of current bushfire research efforts are advocating a national bushfire organization that reports directly to the prime minister and cabinet. Power failures, incompatible computer formats and other problems plagued response by firefighters early in the bushfire disaster, but an often overlooked asset during wildfires, amateur radio operators had their part to play in the response to the bushfires, as demonstrated by the next article. Statistics were still being gathered, but it was estimated that claims alone total over $790 million, as detailed by the next two articles, along with some news on the start of reconstruction. As the death toll rose to 209, organizers are expecting huge crowds at memorial services in Melbourne, and an article forecasts what the conclusion of the commission investigating the deadly Victorian bushfires will be: climate change. A woman attempted to obtain $15,000 in bushfire relief funds by falsely claiming a person killed in the fires was a relative, and more thievery of bushfire relief merchandise (and real estate) was reported. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of the Australian wine crop due to bushfires is greatly exaggerated, as shown by the next item. And finally, Big Bear, California, has initiated a novel approach to fire prevention: adopt a fire hydrant!

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1,000-acre fire nearly out in Central Texas

Firefighters make progress on wildfire

Group forms to promote wildfire awareness

Forest fire raging in China-India border region of Tibet, official says

CFA 'stopped professional firefighters in bushfires'

Bushfire research results 'academic waffle'

Communications failure affects emergency response

Hams in Australia Assist with Massive Bushfires

Threat lingers as nation mourns

Victorian bushfire survivors start to rebuild lives

50,000 expected at Victoria bushfire memorial at Rod Laver Arena

The fires of climate change

Accused fraudster 'pretended relative killed in bushfires'

Heartless thieves hurt bushfire appeal

Premier warns about 'vultures' in bushfire zones

Alpine vineyards survive bushfires

Adopt a fire hydrant, save a Big Bear Valley home

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