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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In wildfire news today, Colorado is having their problems in the northwest portion of the state, while Utah is reporting a number of fires within the state, as chronicled by the two following stories. Greater LA had it's problems with small wildfires, as shown by the next two articles, and Napa/Sonoma area is worried about wildfires with an impending Red Flag event. Elko, Nevada, has issued an emergency declaration as their wildfires exceed 60 square miles coverage. The Pinelands (where the errant F-16 flare caused a huge wildfire last year) has a small blaze at the moment, and Arizona's top forest official is warning of worse wildfires to come. An unidentified body was discovered in a house leveled by wildfires in Boise, while the debate over 'common sense' forest practices still rages between loggers and environmentalists. Going overseas, Georgia is loudly accusing Russia of firebombing their forests (again), and Macedonia is having increasing problems from their wildfires. Indonesian wildfires are smoking out their residents and neighboring countries, once again. And finally, a cautionary tale coming out of the Greek wildfire relief from last year - make sure the relief funds are actually being spent on relief operations, not civic improvements (historical note: the Athenians did much the same thing in ancient times, spending war funds on civic improvements, like the Acropolis and Parthenon, so I guess it's in their blood).

Wildfires burn across Northwest Colorado

Wildfire burning in Juab County

Southeast Salt Lake valley brush fire forces evacuation of more than 60 homes

Calabasas Wildfire Declared 'Suspicious'

Smoke from fire chases residents from SoCal homes

Red Flag Fire Warning For North Bay Mountains

Emergency Declaration for Elko County Wildfire

Forest fire burns 100 acres in Pinelands

Forester: climate change will make AZ wildfires hotter, longer

Body found in house at Boise wildfire

Common sense forest practices

New “weapon” Against Georgia: Forest Fires

Macedonia Wildfires Intensify

Hot spots - A burning issue for Indonesia

Row over bushfire cash spent on Greek town hall

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