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Friday, December 18, 2009


CAL FIRE has determined that a faulty electrical sign was the origin point of a wildfire in Northern California in 2008 in our first wildfire story today (1); but a revealing study by Washington state's Department of Natural Resources shows that aggressive attack on wildfires paid financial dividends, in their case over $5 million in reduced suppression costs this year alone (2). A new forest bill proposed by a Montana senator is receiving some flak from politicians on Capitol Hill (3); even as the US Forest Service is rewriting Bush administration logging rules (4). The African nation of Gambia plans to address the issue of forest fires in national parks (5). Heading Down Under, an Australian reporter who's been following the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings points up some of the details that may have been missed by Country Fire Authority officials (6). Tasmania plans to spend $2 million over the next three years to create safe havens for residents fleeing bushfires (7); something which could be helped along by a $5 million windfall it has received with which to prepare for future bushfires (8). Rural Fire Service is tallying the losses from bushfires in New South Wales at 10 homes, several sheds, and hundreds of livestock (9); but as bushfires in that state subside somewhat, residents and firefighters discuss their experiences, as chronicled in the next two articles (10)(11). Tragedy struck in Australia Capital Territory where over a dozen retired Greyhound dogs were burned alive by a bushfire that also destroyed a sawmill (12). And finally, American researchers in the African nation of Senegal have discovered a low-tech fire behavior predictor: chimpanzees!

(1) Cal-Fire Releases Cause of 2008’s Ophir Fire

(2) DNR combined aggressive response, better cost management to reduce state’s wildfire-fighting spending in 2009

(3) Tester forest bill heard on Capitol Hill

(4) Forest Service rewriting Bush logging rule

(5) Govt. eager to confront ‘bumpster’, forest fire challenges

(6) Bushfire lessons falling through the cracks

(7) Plans for bushfire safe spots

(8) Extra funds to get bushfire ready

(9) Raging bushfires destroy 10 homes

(10) Residents take stock after bushfire terror

(11) Fire towns start massive clean-up

(12) Canberra Bushfires Claim Greyhound Victims

(13) Wild chimps have near human understanding of fire, study says

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