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Friday, November 07, 2008


With the election behind us, news of wildfires is beginning to appear more frequently (curiously, none from overseas today, though), leading off with a passel of articles from San Diego: Residents of Vista feel they're being picked on due to fire map listings; an article about hopeful signs that San Diegans would support a valid fire proposal that taxed them; and two articles about the California Public Utilities Commission entertaining ideas for reducing wildfires caused by power-lines. An update on the trial of Raymond Lee Oyler, the alleged arsonist responsible for the deaths of five USFS firefighters is up next, followed by an article from Chico about how much extra money they raked in due to firefighters bunking there during the fires in the area earlier this year. Central Californians are being told the fire season is over now, although the following article demonstrates that declarations have little meaning to a wildfire. Central Coast residents recall how they were devastated by the wildfires in that region this year, and the political aspect of wildfires is examined in the next article. A bit of foreshadowing of what's to come for SDG&E is provided by an article from Texas, and two articles from Kentucky recount how a pair of firefighters became arsonists, and underscore the fact that they're not the only arsonists on the loose in that state. The next two stories from Ohio discuss the onset of their fire season and the results thereof. Tennessee firefighters got a big assist from rainy weather on a blaze they were fighting, and several foresters and researchers weigh in on a study of old-growth forest in the Pacific Northwest as affected by the Northwest Forest Plan.

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Picking up the pieces, wildfire victims start fresh

The Politics of Fire

105 families settle wildfire suit with Oncor

2 Ky. seasonal firefighters charged in blazes

Forest Fire Burns In Pike County

Ohio is prime time for wildfires

U.S. Forest Service Contains Wildfire in Jackson County

Update: Rain helps extinguish Campbell County wildfire

Wildfires result in loss of forests reserved by Northwest Forest Plan

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