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Friday, September 19, 2008


Leading off the news today, a worrisome story about a decline in the number of Native American wildland firefighters (in the past, 25% of the wildland firefighting force was made up of these hardy firefighters), followed by a story about a lawsuit being filed over the helicopter crash in Northern California a few weeks ago. The Hidden Fire in Sequoia National Park is getting some additional help on the ground, while Montana is still struggling with two huge fires at opposite ends of the state. Several stories out of Oregon today, beginning with one about a wildfire burning at Crater Lake, followed by another on the outskirts of Medford that sent residents scrambling and cut power to almost 1,000 households. Authorities imposed a Level 3 Closure on logging operations in the Southern Cascades today, which will severely limit logging activity there, and the Gnarl Ridge Fire forced evacuations, while evacuees from the Crescent Lake area were allowed to return as firefighters increased containment on the wildfire there. Rogue River was getting some welcome guests at one of their parks as firefighters setup camp there (hopefully helicopter operations were kept well away from sleeping quarters!), but Oregonian wildfires were getting the blame for smoky skies in Canada, which is also investigating an outbreak of 50 suspicious wildfires set around Nanaimo. And speaking of smoke, California vintners are concerned that they may have a bitter harvest due to wildfire smoke contaminating their grapes (a similar problem occurred in Australia from bushfires last year). A small wildfire in Shasta County appears to be under control tonight, and not everyone is crying about wildfires: UC Irvine plans to seek nearly $1 million in grants from NASA to study wildfire effects on Southern California. Moving overseas, questions are being raised about the prosecution of wildfires in southeastern Turkey, an area that is not the safest place in the world to fight wildfires (due to banditry, smuggling, and frequent firefights with Kurdish insurgents).

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Forest fire threat silences chainsaws

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Crescent Lake fire moves to 60 pct. containment

Popular Rogue River park to close so it can serve as a firefighting camp

Smoke from Oregon forest fires darkens B.C., Alberta skies

Arson suspected in rash of bush fires in the area

Wildfire smoke may have tainted wine grapes

UCI seeks big bucks to study Southern California wildfires

Blaze limited to 24 acres

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