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Friday, April 03, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, California may be getting help from a couple of big birds: the Hawaii Mars has been contracted by US Forest Service to fight wildfires in Southern California; and remarks from an LA County Fire Department spokesman about the 747 Supertanker are provided in the second article. Remaining in California, the legislature passed AB 50 last week, which will provide a tax break to California residents who suffered losses from wildfires; and an arsonist who set a wildfire in which a CAL FIRE spotter plane crashed was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Two stories from Texas about wildfires sparked by downed power lines: Big Springs, Texas, had a sizeable blaze to deal with after winds knocked down some power lines; and downed power lines were once again getting the blame for wildfires that destroyed nearly three dozen homes in Texas yesterday. A South Carolina fire district is working out more efficient methods of communicating during wildfires in the area. Although recent rains have helped diminish the fire danger in Florida, 16 of 67 counties still are enforcing burn bans; something supported by an article from Florida's Treasure Coast, which warns homeowners to keep defensible space around their homes. On the technology front, an update on a tree-powered wildfire sensor network that was mentioned in Wildfire NOTD last year is provided in the next article. Yesterday it was firefighters blaming the top brass in Australia's fire agencies for poor performance during the Black Saturday bushfires, today it's a forestry consultant blaming agencies for insufficient pre-treatment of fire-prone areas; followed by an article that underscores a turf war that has broken out between government officials over bushfire relief funds.

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Officials laud approval of fire-fighting Supertankers

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Wildfires burn about 34 homes in South Texas

District plans better coordination on forest fires

Rains, At Least For Now, Diminish Wildfire Threat

Clear brush to safeguard against wildfires

Trees self-power a wildfire alert network

Government fire plan ‘appalling’

'Govt shouldn't have used bushfire fund'

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