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Saturday, November 06, 2010


The impact of Buffelgrass on wildfires in Arizona's Tonto National Forest, including its tendency to burn three times hotter than a normal blaze, is examined in our first article (1); but having spent $4.2 million to try to rehabilitate Arizona's Schultz Fire burn area, Coconino National Forest is running into some problems (2). Firefighters in Oklahoma will have a tense weekend due to low humidity and some winds making for ideal wildfire conditions (3); and despite recent rains, national forests in Texas are still imposing fire restrictions on visitors (4). Firefighters will be conducting controlled burns in Illinois' Shawnee National Forest to rejuvenate the forest (5); but with continued drought throughout the state, Missouri is bracing for a bad fall fire season (6). US Forest Service has reopened Highway 77 in Kentucky's Red River Gorge after closures due to landslides caused by a 1600-acre wildfire (7); while firefighters in Collier County, Florida, managed to rope in a small 1 1/2-acre wildfire burning between two neighborhoods (8). Israeli firefighters, aided by some military personnel, battled a wildfire in a nature preserve in the Golan Heights (9). After a bushfire broke out near Bulgarra, Western Australia, fire agencies provided advice to homeowners about bushfire preparations (10). And finally, folks on the Nisqually Indian Reservation, next to Washington State's Lewis-McChord Army Base, are afraid that military live-fire exercises may lead to more wildfires on their property!

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