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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Leading off Wildfire News Of The Day today, Tom Harbour, Director of Fire and Aviation Management for US Forest Service discusses the worsening wildfire situation at the annual Congressional Fire Services Institute dinner in Washington, DC. A small wildfire on the Sonoma, California, coast was brought under control by firefighters; and firefighters in Central California were alarmed when they saw smoke rising from a local wilderness park. Texas Forest Service is grappling with a 3,000 acre fire burning near the Oklahoma border. Massive layoffs at Bombardier will not affect their CL-415 manufacturing plant in Canada. A New Zealander filed a protest when he was refused a full-time job as a firefighter in Australia. A 100-hectare bushfire in West Australia was controlled by firefighters. Faced with reduced availability of water and increased bushfire danger, especially in southeastern Australia, grape production may suffer; and, to the applause of environmentalist groups, West Australia's government is focusing more on climate change in regards to timber resources. Reflecting that it was a good thing the Victoria bushfires didn't occur on a school day, a principal of one of the schools in that region is advising bushfire evacuation plans be up-to-date for the next time. Amid all the praise for firefighters' heroic efforts during the Black Saturday bushfires, some voices from within firefighter ranks are speaking out against misdirection from top commanders during the conflagration. With $285 million of bushfire relief money in the kitty, Australia's government provides an accounting of where the money's going; and in a sign that good deeds do sometimes get rewarded, businesses that contributed to bushfire relief may garner some government money, and the Healesville wildlife hospital should get a hefty donation as well. A parolee with a predilection for gambling and drugs has been arraigned on charges of stealing bushfire relief funds; while arson investigators have questioned some folks in West Australia in regards to the Victoria bushfires; and the trial of a man accused of setting a bushfire that killed 11 people in Victoria, Australia, has been extended. A pair of bushfires burning at opposite ends of Victoria have chewed up thousands of acres. And finally, if you've ever wondered what firefighters do between emergencies, this story from Muskogee, Oklahoma, gives you at least one answer!

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