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Monday, April 26, 2010


Our first wildfire article today takes a look at San Diego Gas & Electric's Wildfire Expense Balancing Account in light of the settlement made last week by that Southern California utility (1). Due to an abundance of rain this winter, Southern Utah looks to be heading into a below-average fire season (2); and US Forest Service conducted controlled burns near Big Sky, Montana, last week (3). The University of Wisconsin is working with fire officials to educate the public on the danger from burning trash outdoors (4); while scattered rain was hardly enough to dampen the wildfire threat in Minnesota over the weekend (5). A wildfire in Roxbury, Massachusetts, burned 11 acres over the weekend and resulted in three firefighter injuries (6). Government officials announced a new plan for dealing with wildfires at a conference in Washington, DC, last week (the document can be viewed here ) (7). Homeowners in Melbourne, Florida, had to evacuate briefly over the weekend due to a wind-driven wildfire (8); while the National Weather Service is forecasting increased wildfire danger beginning Tuesday across the southern part of that state (9). A wildfire on British Columbia's Whistler Mountain that forced evacuations has been subdued by rainfall as Canadian firefighters continued to lengthen the cordon around it (10); and another community is pondering how best to reduce wildfires in light of new fuel reduction plans (11); but forester Island Timberlands is prepared to conduct a public awareness campaign if they see arson fires similar to last year in their timber stands (12). ATV operators are being educated on the wildfire risk their vehicles present in Alberta (13); while Heli-tack teams in that province are preparing for the fire season (14). Residents of a community in Northeastern Ontario were shocked when a wildfire roared past their homes over the weekend (15); this at a time when fire officials in Newfoundland and Labrador are warning residents of the wildfire hazard throughout the region (16). Ireland's Minister of Forestry voiced concern about continued wildfires on the Emerald Isle (17); but arsonists are blamed for a wildfire burning in Northern Wales (18). Firefighters in East Lancashire, UK, were dealing with an arsonist who is setting grass and structure fires in the area (19); and firefighters in North Yorkshire extinguished a gorse fire on Saturday only to have it reignite on Sunday! (20) Hundreds of underfunded Forest Protection Committees across Western India are relying more and more on villagers to help prevent wildfires (21). Despite chilly weather, Victorians turned out to observe the 95th commemoration of Anzac (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Day, the response to the Black Saturday bushfires being cited as an indicator that Australians still had a strong volunteering spirit (22); and government officials paid homage to a family that refused to be kept down by their losses in the Black Saturday bushfires (23). The government has decided to spend $600,000 to help rehabilitate tourist facilities in bushfire-hit Kinglake (24); but the thorny issue of keeping a bushfire relief organization open (to the tune of $450,000) is being investigated by the Victorian premier (25). As embattled former Police Commissioner Christine Nixon prepares to publish her memoirs, some bushfire survivors feel she should donate some of the proceeds to help those impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires (26); but an Op-Ed piece from The Australian reflects on how responsibility for the Black Saturday bushfires disaster has yet to be assigned to anyone in charge (27). And finally, you've probably heard of dogs bringing a stick back to their owner, but here's a story about a homeowner whose dog retrieved a police car when his home caught fire!

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