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Monday, January 16, 2012


US Forest Service officials praised the efforts of 400 firefighters plus 30 engines in battling a 10-acre wildfire in Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest over the weekend (1); but San Diego Gas & Electric is appealing to the California Public Utilities Commission for permission to charge ratepayers for wildfires caused by its own transmission lines! (2) US Forest Service has determined that a 398-acre wildfire in Arizona's Patagonia Mountains in 2011 was started by a grinder (3); while in Colorado, numerous agencies came together to draft the Grand Lake Fire Protection District's Community Wildfire Protection Plan (4). Firefighters in Potter and Randall Counties, Texas, are concerned about replacing equipment worn out battling wildfires in 2011 (5); while firefighters in Wichita Falls issued a wildfire advisory for the region (6). Numerous firefighters were assisted by two helicopters in battling a 100-acre wildfire in Gallatin County, Montana, over the weekend (7). Firefighters in Colleton County, South Carolina, battled numerous wildfires on Sunday, including some that began as debris burns (8); and the Army base of Fort Jackson lit one of their own (9). Florida Forest Service upgraded the size of a wildfire that has been smoldering in Putnam County since Thanksgiving to 850 acres (10); while firefighters in Volusia County kept a close eye on several wildfires, including one that burned 10 acres in the vicinity of the Tomoka Wildlife Management area (11); and although a 90-acre wildfire burning in Deltona is under control, thick smoke is still reducing visibility (12); but as $500,000 in federal funds is on schedule to run out in June, Florida Forest Service hopes that the state will step in to fund wildfire mitigation programs themselves (13). Australian Pump Industries touted their line of pumps, which could be used to protect property from bushfires in what's shaping up to be a bad fire season (14). Despite numerous days of cool temperatures, Victorians were warned about the extreme fire danger their state faces (15); where a lost hiker's signal fire turned into a 12-hectare bushfire on Mount Bogong (16). A lack of rain along New South Wales' southern coast elicited a grim prediction about bushfires from Rural Fire Service officials (17); and a total of 1,300 landowners have failed to comply with South Australia's fire fuel clearance edicts (18). Two young women who were badly burned in a Western Australian bushfire last year discuss their long rehabilitation in the next article (19); while the state capital of Perth is receiving numerous visitations from cockatoos starved out by, among other things, bushfire-damaged habitat (20). And finally, a wildfire in a Florida park claimed a very old victim: a 3,500-year-old cypress tree!

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(20) Starved cockatoos forced out of south-west

(21) Firefighters say 3,500-year-old cypress tree catches fire, collapses in central Florida park

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