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Thursday, August 30, 2012


An Op-Ed piece takes a look at the changing landscape caused by high profile cases in which the death penalty can be meted out to wildfire arsonists (1). Firefighters managed to bring the 34,119-acre North Pass fire, burning in Mendocino National Forest, to 28% containment (2); while a 16,224-acre wildfire burning in Siskiyou County forced the evacuation of several hundred residents (3). High fire danger is prompting warnings from officials in Oregon's Deschutes National Forest over the Labor Day weekend (4); but a do-it-yourself rodent extermination device sparked a wildfire between two mobile homes in Salem (5). A 125-acre wildfire forced road closures in Larimer County, Colorado (6); while fire officials will release their findings on the cause of the 18,000-acre Waldo Canyon Fire next month (7). NASA provides a striking photo of wildfire activity in Idaho (8); where a number of blazes continue to burn (9); one fire near Montpelier threatening homes and forcing evacuations (10). Wildfire survivors in Creek County, Oklahoma, have $3 million available from state and federal relief agencies to help with rebuilding their lives (11). In Texas, the President of the Austin Firefighters Association is concerned about the wildfire danger posed by continued housing development on the western border of the city (12); even as fire-ravaged Bastrop State Park puts on a show entitled "Rediscover Bastrop State Park" to demonstrate how much it has recovered in the past 12 months (13). Montana's governor declared an emergency, as wildfire activity across that state increased (14); where the 19 Mile Fire threatened numerous homes near Whitehall (15); and evacuees waited for word that they could return home (16); smoky conditions in the Bitterroot Valley impacting football games and residents with breathing difficulties (17). Firefighters continued to grapple with wildfires in Nebraska's Panhandle (18); classes in Chadron being canceled for Thursday and Friday due to wildfire activity (19). The Kansas Wildland Fire Prevention and Education Team is warning residents of that state of the continued fire danger due to the drought (20); while a fire weather watch is in effect for much of Northern Minnesota (21); and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminded residents of that state to keep an eye on outdoor fires during the upcoming Labor Day weekend due to the ongoing fire danger across the region (22). A 25-acre wind-driven wildfire kept firefighters in Shady Grove, Arkansas, busy on Wednesday (23); while an Op-Ed piece from Washington DC blasts US Forest Service's intention to extinguish all wildfires as being an obsolete, failed policy (24). Firefighters in British Columbia, Canada, increased containment on two wildfires burning in the interior (25); and although Saskatchewan had 387 wildfires this year, cool, wet weather helped keep the number of fires below the average of 400 (26). Wildfires continued to crop up along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with blazes reported in Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, and the North African nation of Algeria (27); a wildfire in Neo Voutza, Greece, being fanned by windy conditions (28); the next item summarizing blazes in Serbia and Kosovo (29); while military operations in the Turkish province of Dersim caused eight wildfires (30); forest fires on the border with Syria further complicating the situation (31). An audio segment discusses the high risk of bushfires across Australia in the forthcoming season (32); a professor from Victoria's La Trobe University commenting on the hazards of the "wait and see" attitude many homeowners adopt during bushfires (33); and as two class-action suits against SP AusNet move forward, some are wondering if Victoria's ratepayers will ultimately be charged for legal settlements against the utility through higher electricity rates (34); but $53 million later, the Murrindindi Shire Council has replaced all of the structures destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires (35). And finally, in a Smoky Bear do-over, an orphaned bear cub was rescued after being burned in Idaho's 145,844-acre Mustang Complex Fire (36); leading to a feeding frenzy among veterinary hospitals across the state offering to treat his wounds!

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