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Saturday, March 07, 2009


In wildfire news today, the Hog Fire in Arizona is slowly being roped in, after burning over 16,000 acres there; while firefighters in Florida had to get some assistance with their apparatus when hot spots burst tires on their rigs while quenching hot spots. North Carolina is warming up, and so is the fire activity there; and Mississippi firefighters had several spot fires to deal with in forested parts of that state. The BLM is trying to settle the debate as to whether grazing reduces the threat of wildfires or increases it; and Kentucky foresters are reporting more wildfires in the region, some of them deliberately set, it appears. Firefighters in Central America have had a battle on their hands near a local volcano; followed by a summary of fire activity in India this past week. New Zealanders welcomed a crack firefighting team back home after it assisted with the Australian bushfires; but residents east of Melbourne have been subjected to the 'shake and bake' disaster formula, as the next article tells. A body was discovered in Melbourne in the midst of a grass fire there; while firefighters were taking advantage of cooler weather to get the upper hand on a fire in a national park on the southeastern tip of Victoria. Having already raised over $300,000 for the Country Fire Authority, Sam the koala and the firefighter who gave her a drink are taking their act on the road to the US and Germany. The Australian government will use its surplus money to help reconstruct bushfire-devastated Victoria state; and frequent flyers on Australian airlines are adding to the bushfire relief contributions. A small bushfire burned about 50 acres outside of Perth, but was quickly tackled by firefighters with an assist from the air. And finally, the curious case of the mystery monkey in South Carolina.

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