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Saturday, December 04, 2010


Our first article today takes a look at PCADS, an innovative new way to fight wildfires, as told to the Boston Globe by Wildfire News of the Day Subscribers William Cleary, Advanced Systems Project Manager at Boeing in Long Beach, California, and Carl Bamberger, Aviation Program Leader at US Forest Service's Technology Development Center at nearby San Dimas (for more info on PCADS, visit this link) (1). In these tough economic times, seasonal wildland firefighter applications are being accepted in Kern County, California (2); while the 747 Supertanker is being prepped for action over Israel as the next article from Arizona provides an inside look at this mammoth air-tanker (3). Two wildfires were reported on the grounds of Fort Carson, Colorado, yesterday (4); but the next article takes a look at the desperate financial situation in the Louisiana Office of Forestry (5). As the wildfire risk rises in Florida, the Florida Division of Forestry is advising homeowners to be "FireWise" (6); and Congressional Fire Sciences Institute sent along an announcement about FEMA awarding the first round of their 2010 Assistance to Firefighter Grants (7). As numerous Russian firefighting aircraft began to arrive in Israel, President Medvedev expressed his condolences to Israel's Prime Minister over the deaths caused by the wildfire near Haifa, as the next two articles show (8)(9); where help is continuing to pour in from abroad, even from tiny Switzerland (10); as well as Greece (11); the EU has mobilized their forces as well (12); the Pentagon dispatched MAFFS-equipped C-130 aircraft from the US, as well as fire suppressant from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany (13); and Azerbaijan has sent two helicopters to assist (14); but the fire continued to spread overnight (15); and although Israel appeared to be ill-prepared for the wildfire, the catastrophe may allow them to mend fences with Turkey, with whom they've been at odds diplomatically (16); however, the Prime Minister has vowed to create a suitable firefighting force (17); even as Israeli firefighters who received wildfire training in New Jersey are in the midst of the fight (18); the following article providing some perspective on how the Israeli wildfire compares with five other equally-devastating blazes from around the world (19); but in a nation of few forests, the psychological impact of losing so many trees is especially wrenching, as the next article shows (20); even as the death toll has risen to 43 with the discovery of the charred remains of a young volunteer firefighter (21); and investigators believe that the blaze may have started as a bonfire set by Druze villagers (22); although two wildfires which broke out in the West Bank are believed to be arson (23). And finally, fire authorities in Victoria, Australia, are packing up their message and taking it on the road in the FireReady Roadshow!

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