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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Firefighters battled a three-acre wildfire near the Southern California community of Mountain Home Village in San Bernardino County (1); while the next article looks at the ticking wildfire time bomb that is San Diego's Palomar Mountain (2). CAL FIRE reported a 200-acre wildfire along the Central Coast (3); and a wildfire in Yuba County has scorched hundreds of acres as well (4). Oregonians will have a full-sized exhibit on how to protect their homes from wildfires next year when the Oregon Garden Fire Safety House is unveiled (5); while the next article takes a closer look at the ongoing Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) effort in areas damaged by Arizona's Schultz Fire last year (6). An article from Montana looks at the virtue of preventative thinning of vegetation in wildfire-prone areas (7). Having already battled 61 wildfires since last Friday, Arkansas Forestry Commission reported another blaze north of Searcy (8); some of which have now been determined to be arson (9); and the Arkansas National Guard brought in Blackhawk helicopters to battle a blaze in North Little Rock that came within feet of homes (10); but a new danger is on the horizon: wind (11). Several areas around Kentucky's Red River Gorge have been put under a fire ban (12); and a wildfire which was reported Monday afternoon outside of Rome, Georgia, is believed to have been deliberately set (13). Following in the footsteps of Florida Division of Forestry and the governor, the Agriculture Commissioner is reminding residents of that state about the high wildfire danger (14). Despite having had a quiet fire year, Ontario, Canada, is reporting eight new wildfires (15); and a wildfire was reported in Dimos Atavyroy, Greece (16). The next article takes a look at the wildfire situation in the Asian nation of Brunei (17). Heading to Australia, Victoria's new fire commissioner plans to model that state's firefighting services after the military in order to better deal with bushfires (18); while homeowners in Hume will be getting some tips on bushfire safety from Country Fire Authority professionals (19); but next month's election will determine whether bushfire drills are in Victoria's future (20); with Opposition politicians faulting the current government for having only set aside 134 bushfire refuges while New South Wales has already designated over 800 (21). After millions have been spent on psychological counseling of bushfire survivors, one counselor from New South Wales says it's a waste of money (22). South Australia has become one of the first states to adopt national bushfire shelter standards into the building codes (23); but although the state has invested $47 million in bushfire preparation funds, the Premier is advising residents not to downplay the danger (24); something reinforced by the tale of a teenager whose carelessly-discarded cigarette nearly sparked a major bushfire (25). Western Australians who suffered losses in last year's Toodyay bushfire have just one thing to say about the proposed $10 million compensation package: more please! (26) And finally, a Florida firefighter finished his career in style, rescuing two girls from a burning house on his last shift before retirement!

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