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Friday, March 20, 2009


Today in wildfire news, two stories about how wildfire academies in Arizona and Nebraska are providing pointers to trainees on wildland firefighting lead off, something of increasing value to departments traditionally only concerned with structure firefighting. New Mexico US Forest Service personnel are concerned about how dry the forests are this year; followed by an article about how a Grand Junction, Colorado, homeowner touched off a 40-acre blaze accidentally. Two stories out of Texas: the first discusses what agricultural operations can do to reduce wildfires; the second recounts how a wildfire near Corpus Christi, Texas, was quickly extinguished by local firefighters. With over a dozen wildfires burning in Volusia County, Florida, smoke blowing across roads was becoming a traffic hazard; and a study on post-wildfire logging is provided next. A herd of yaks was decimated by wildfires in Nepal and a herder is missing as well. The Australian government has pledged over $11 million to create a national emergency alert system, initially only usable on landline telephones, though. Testimony during the bushfire inquiries became a bit emotional yesterday; and the painfully slow process of identifying victims of the Black Saturday bushfires is highlighted. The Australian Red Cross has nearly reached their fund-raising goal for bushfire relief; but with 20% of Victoria farmers hit with crop and livestock losses due to the bushfires and hot weather, farmers markets haven't quite recovered. And finally, ham radio operators got a well-deserved pat on the back for their help in relaying information as cell and landline phone communications went down during the Black Saturday bushfires.

Wildfire Academy prescribed burn provides invaluable experience

Ft. Robinson to host Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy

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Officials determine who started Redlands wildfire

Wildfires increase as drought persists

No injuries reported in 15-acre brush fire

DeLand wildfire causing smoke on roadways

Research synthesis shines light on several management options after fires in diverse ecosystems

Over 80 yaks killed in wildfire in eastern Nepal

Cash found for national alert system

Bushfires inquiry judges says 'never again'

Coroner Jennifer Coate identifies 66 victims of the Victoria bushfires

Red Cross bushfire fund raises $250 million

Farmers markets struggle to recover from Vic bushfires

VK3 bushfires out - job well done WICEN (Vic)

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