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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, from the mouths of babes: some Sacramento, California, kids have proposed an innovative camera system to monitor forest areas for wildfires - something that earned their creation one of the coveted slots to be presented at the Copenhagen Climate Control Conference in Denmark (out of 13,000 applicants!) A wildfire in Arizona is burning through some canyon lands; and a small wildfire cropped up on a National Guard base near the area where a major blaze is now being contained in Central Texas. A grass fire brewed up in Oklahoma today, drawing in firefighting resources from several departments and also from Tinker Air Force Base; while fire authorities in South Dakota will be able to upgrade facilities at six air-tanker bases with the influx of some new funds. A 1-2 acre blaze was reported on a college campus in Florida, as well. Though not technically wildfire stories, the following two items do touch on the fuel issue: in a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that environmental groups had to have a sharper focus to lawsuits aimed to reduce logging in forest lands; and an old-growth forest's role as a carbon sink for CO2 is explored in the next article. A forest fire has burned over 20,000 acres in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in India; while another article from India discusses fires throughout the region. A massive force of firefighters and apparatus were manning the lines as fire conditions worsened in Victoria, Australia; but hopefully their worst fears won't be realized, as some rain moved in to to quell the raging bushfires (although, unless it is a heavy rain, the bushfire threat will still remain). Purchase of Global Hawk surveillance UAVs has been cancelled by Australia's government, a move that could impact intel gathering over bushfires. Victoria police will get some much-needed rest due to South Australia providing several dozen police to spell them. And finally, in a bizarre twist, a Detroit firefighter apparently set his own fire station on fire!

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Court makes it harder to challenge forest rules

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Fire strips national park of 10000 ha greens

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Rain brings welcome relief

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SA police help in Vic bushfire zones

Sleepy firefighter sparks blaze in own firehouse

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