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Monday, August 09, 2010


A teenager accidentally started a 40-acre wildfire that briefly threatened dozens of homes in the Southern California community of Santa Clarita on Sunday (1); and CAL FIRE battled a small wildfire near Redding over the weekend (2). A wildfire that burned 22,000 acres near Eureka, Washington, is in the mop up stages now (3); but although heavy rains over the weekend helped extinguish one wildfire in that state, it didn't get them all (4). A summary of wildfire activity in Northern Nevada is provided by the next item (5). A wildfire near Beaver, Utah, has scorched over 1,000 acres (6); while another in Fishlake National Forest is being allowed to burn for ecological benefits (7). An update on wildfires burning in Eastern Idaho is provided by the next article (8); followed by another which provides info on the trails in Sawtooth National Forest closed due to the fire danger (9). Although suppression costs from a wildfire in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest last month have been revised downward, they still exceed $1 million (10); but researchers from the University of Montana have found that the charcoal left behind by wildfires have a marked impact on the soil's nitrogen cycle (11). Persistent wildfires kept firefighters in Pennsylvania busy into the evening (12); and the portion of the popular Appalachian Trail that runs through New Jersey has been closed due to a wildfire in Worthington State Forest (13). The Alaska Fire Service reported that rain had helped dampen a 12,000 acre wildfire over the weekend (14). A New York Times article profiles the US Forest Service official charged with helping chart that agency's course in an era of climate change (15). Hopes that rainfall would dampen British Columbia, Canada's, raging wildfires were not realized by recent rain storms (16); however, Alberta has dispatched more firefighters to help battle wildfires in BC (17). Portugal is calling on its armed forces to assist firefighters at Sao Pedro do Sul (18); even as a dozen wildfires were reported there, additional fires being reported at Encinedo and Dumbria, Spain, Orosei and Bompensiere, Italy, and Dimos Makrakomis, Greece, as well as several in Algeria (19). Turkey has agreed to dispatch a pair of helicopters to help Russia battle its wildfires (20); and Poland has sent 150 firefighters, along with 50 vehicles, as well (21). Two small wildfires were reported near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev (22); while Finland was once again the unlucky recipient of smoke from Russian wildfires (23). The smoke from wildfires ringing Moscow, combined with record heat, has greatly increased the number of deaths in Russia's capital (24); and the thick smoke has made it difficult (impossible in some cases) for air-tankers to battle the blazes (25). Another Russian nuclear plant, this time at Ozersk, is being threatened by wildfires (26). The next story takes a closer look at the drastic cuts in Russia's forest budget, which have kindled anger because of the perceived impact in the form of current wildfires (27); something which been complicated by the perception that the government is not providing enough support to battle the blazes (28). An Op-Ed piece from the Washington Post provides a look at weather conditions in Russia and their impact on the wildfires there (29); but the next article offers a glimmer of good news, as wildfires have been extinguished in five regions (30). To the south, forest fires continue to rage in Georgia's Akhaltsikhe District, destroying an estimated 50 cottages (31); while a small wildfire that was burning in Azerbaijan was quickly extinguished by firefighters (32). China's leaders are offering aid to help Russia with their wildfires (33). Heading to Australia, one Victorian shire wants to know whether the government will designate a bushfire safer place before the fire season begins again (34); but rural residents are afraid that the proposed government buyback plan for properties hit by the Black Saturday bushfires will destroy their communities (35); while a debate is raging over the true cost of putting powerlines underground to reduce the bushfire danger in that state (36). And finally, security is being tightened on the UK's Sherwood Forest, not to catch Robin Hood, but rather to catch wildfires!

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