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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A wildfire which broke out in California's Sequoia National Forest Monday afternoon has already scorched 5,000 acres and destroyed six homes (1); and it is still considered to be out of control (2); but the Sierra National Forest is dispatching 80 firefighters to assist in battling the blaze (3). Lightning fires continued to blaze across Lassen County in Northern California (4); and Red Flag warnings have been issued for parts of Oregon as 30 new lightning-sparked wildfires were reported throughout the region (5); but the Oregon Department of Forestry has nearly contained a wildfire near Unity Reservoir (6). Fire crews in Washington state were having a blast using 'det cord' to clear timber around a fire near Lake Merwin (7); while Reno-Stead airport is playing host to nearly 2 dozen firefighting aircraft as wildfires burn nearby (8). A large wildfire has been reported in Navarro County, Texas (9). Now that a wildfire which burned thousands of acres in Idaho is over, the clean-up has begun (10); but firefighters from Montana, Utah, and Idaho were battling a 900-acre wildfire that was burning in the Bitterroot National Forest (11). A small wildfire has been reported in Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest (12); and another has doubled in size to 1,000 acres (13). Firefighters from 10 departments responded to a wildfire in New Hampshire (14); while smoke from an 800-acre wildfire burning in the New Jersey Pinelands is reducing visibility on nearby highways (15). Firefighters in South Carolina are hoping that a heavy rainstorm will extinguish a wildfire that's been burning in Horry County since June (16). Although the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, is suffering through an extremely dry period, wildfire acreage burned is half of last year's tally (17); but as over two dozen wildfires continue to burn in that province, firefighters are worried about the onset of winds and lightning (18); while air-tankers attacked a wildfire near Cawston late yesterday (19). Firefighters in Alberta have made progress on containing a wildfire that threatened the oilsands project (20); nevertheless, some people see this as being beneficial for the ecosystem (21). Although a handful of wildfires have been reported in Ontario, they've still been able to dispatch a pair of CL-415 air-tankers to help battle wildfires in Manitoba province (22); and Spain is sending some air-tankers to help neighboring Portugal, where over 1,000 firefighters are already battling blazes (23). Russia has reported hundreds of new fires breaking out, with over 100,000 acres burned already (24); but Vladimir Putin put responsibility for fighting Russia's wildfires on the shoulders of regional executives (25); and despite the damage done by those wildfires, they appear to have had a negligible impact on the economy (26). The Australia Capital Territory Supreme Court compensatory hearing has been adjourned until October (27). Two Op-Ed pieces from Victoria reflect on the current situation: the first faults the government for preventing political candidates from speaking with dislocated residents who still have no permanent homes 18 months after the Black Saturday bushfires (28); and the second discusses how to move beyond the 'blame game' and use the Royal Bushfire Commission's findings to improve bushfire preparedness (29). Queensland Fire Rescue Service has clamped down on outdoor fires until January (30); while the Rural Fire Service is now hosting the list of 'Neighborhood Safer Places' on their website (31). And finally, no matter how disagreeable you think your job is, consider this call in the UK to extinguish a muck heap fire!

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