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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


US Forest Service will be conducting controlled burns in parts of California's Tahoe National Forest this week (1); while plans for controlled burns that will cover 50,000 acres in Colorado are examined by the next item (2). A study by the National Weather Service may give Texas Forest Service an edge in predicting wildfires days in advance (3). The Florida Division of Forestry has designated this "Prescribed Fire Awareness Week" (4); but a pair of unprescribed burns are currently keeping them busy in Martin County (5). An Op-Ed piece suggests that biomass operations could be used as a means to reduce forest fires in the US, particularly in timber stands that have been impacted by the mountain pine beetle (6). The US Embassy in Israel is lobbying the Firefighting and Emergency Services Commission hard on behalf of US fire engine manufacturers in order to get a piece of the estimated $220 million being allocated to beef up that country's wildland firefighting forces (7); while a farmer has suggested to authorities in Ghana that they form wildfire-fighting squads in farming communities scattered throughout that African nation (8). Residents of Kashmir, India, were alarmed when a wildfire detonated dozens of mines along the Pakistani border (9). The Bushfire Operational Plan put together by the Australia Capital Territory is the topic of the next item (10); even as the former Prime Minister weighs in on how better to handle emergency situations like bushfires in the future (11). Residents throughout South Australia are being asked to clear vegetation around their property as strong winds and sweltering temperatures have created a high bushfire danger (12); while residents of Western Australia reflect on a disastrous bushfire which burned through Dwellingup 50 years ago (13). And finally, firefighters find the darndest things at fires - some in Pennsylvania found a boxing ring in the middle of a church sanctuary!

(1) Prescribed burn starts Tuesday

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(5) Martin County firefighters battle two brush fires near Interstate 95

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(14) Firefighters find boxing ring inside abandoned church

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