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Monday, June 27, 2011


A summary of Arizona's wildfires is provided by our first item today (1); where members of a National Wildland Fire Prevention Team have arrived to help with wildfires in the Coronado National Forest (2); details of a 400-acre wildfire burning near Heber-Overgaard provided by the next article (3); followed by a video segment that explores the complexities of managing aircraft, including the DC-10 and heavy air-tankers, over the Monument Fire (4); while firefighters from Sun City Fire Department recount their experiences battling the massive Wallow Fire in the next article (5); even as the US Air Force's 302nd Airlift Wing lends a pair of firefighting C-130s to Arizona's and New Mexico's firefighting efforts (6). A 44,000-acre blaze was threatening New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory (7); a CBS News video segment providing more details on the situation (8). Fast work by firefighters and a SEAT squelched a one-acre wildfire in Larimer County, Colorado (9); while an air-attack plane spotted a small wildfire in Colorado's Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest over the weekend (10); and a wildfire burning northwest of Boulder put 340 households into preparations for evacuations (11); but the National Weather Service was forecasting a cold front that might help firefighters battling that wildfire (12). Landowners from two East Texas counties will be getting some pointers from Texas Forest Service on July 7th about how to rehabilitate land scorched by recent wildfires (13); while the next article takes a look at the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System, a program under which $800,000 is made available to fire departments to provide training, equipment and vehicle grants (14). A 200-acre wildfire burning in Alabama's Gulf State Park appears to be going underground, complicating firefighters' efforts there (15); and Mississippi Forestry Commission firefighters fought a pitched battle against a Jackson County wildfire that threatened an animal shelter and sports complex (16). Even though firefighters were happy that some rainfall dampened wildfires burning in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp, the rains also drowned out their efforts to conduct burnout operations (17); but it still wasn't enough to completely squelch that state's wildfires (18). A 1,370-acre wildfire in Bladen County, North Carolina, may burn until rains arrive, according to firefighters (19); while a wildfire that broke through containment lines has burned 700 acres in Pender County (20); but a 65-acre wildfire in Croatan National Forest has been roped in, thanks to a quick response by NC Division of Forest Resources firefighters (21); the next article taking a look at North Carolina's 200 forlorn fire towers, relics from a time before scout planes, cell phones, and GPS satellites (22). Although wildfires that have burned over 10,000 acres in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve are only 95% contained, visitors are being allowed back into the area (23). Smoke drifting into Edmonton, Alberta, from wildfires burning in several northern Canadian provinces has prompted a health advisory by Alberta Health Services (24); and as a wildfire neared 50,000 ha burned, Ontario's Mishkeegogamang First Nation evacuated children and the elderly (25); several photos showing the wildfire burning outside of Nakina (26). Europe is on fire, with wildfires reported in Minho-Lima Province, Portugal, several in Agrigento Province and Caltanissetta Province, Italy, on Spain's Mediterranean island of Mallorca, as well as its mainland provinces of Ourense, Pontevedra, and A Coruna, in Sibensko-kninska zupanija Province, Croatia, and in Montenegro, Albania, as well as Algeria in North Africa (27). Volunteers belonging to Western Australia's Bushfire Front, experienced bushfire managers, feel their expertise is being ignored by fire authorities (28); while there was concern that FESA was going to take over bushfires traditionally fought by local fire agencies as well (29). And finally, some Siberian towns have a unique Community Wildfire Protection Plan: crosses depicting Kupina Neopalimaya - our Lady of the Burning Bush!

(1) FACTS: Three major wildfires around Arizona

(2) Wildfire prevention team arrives at Coronado forest

(3) Wash Fire 95% contained; local units to take command

(4) ‘Complex air show’ quells Monument Fire

(5) Local firefighters relive Wallow duties

(6) Peterson AFB sending aerial firefighters to Arizona, New Mexico

(7) Facing wildfire, Los Alamos officials scramble to protect hazardous material

(8) N.M. wildfires force gov't nuke lab closure

(9) Quick response quells Saddle Notch blaze

(10) Air recon mission quickly spots fire in Allenspark

(11) Homeowners put on standby to evacuate wildfire

(12) Boulder weather: Cold front brings lower temps, may help firefighters

(13) East Texas landowners to learn how to restore burned land

(14) Texas fire dept. gets wildland fire vehicle through grant

(15) Gulf State Park fire creeps under vegetation

(16) Jackson County animal shelter evacuated after wildfire

(17) Storms suppress Ga. wildfires, hamper firefighters

(18) Firefighters battle flames, fatigue

(19) Firefighters still trying to contain Bladen County wildfire

(20) Pender County wildfires continue to burn, force residents to evacuate

(21) Crews Contain Fire In Croatan National Forest

(22) Fire towers noticeable, but not in use

(23) Big Cypress National Preserve reopening after wildfires

(24) Smoke from forest fires results in air quality advisory for Edmonton area

(25) Sioux Lookout district forest fire grows

(26) Photos & Videos: Forest Fires

(27) EFFIS - Current Situation

(28) Volunteers believe bush fire knowledge ignored

(29) Fire fighting still to be in local hands

(30) Ministry Fights Forest Fires With Crosses

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