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Friday, October 31, 2008


Leading off the news today, two stories from San Diego: Hispanic organizations are asking for a bigger role in disaster preparedness; and SDG&E has decided not to implement their controversial strategy of shutting off power to backcountry communities on Red Flag days after all. NTSB has ruled out equipment failure as the cause of the tragic crash of a medevac chopper, implying that it may have been pilot error. Some unlucky visitors to San Francisco's Angel Island may have to pay nearly $1 million in suppression costs, and a blaze in Arizona continues to grow in size. Two articles out of Oregon today: the first telling how weather is coming to the aid of firefighters; the second detailing discussions between foresters and local representatives over a new direction for forest management. In this era of shrinking Forest Service budgets, citizens in Montana banded together to raise $26,000 for a reseeding project in a burn area, while firefighters in Michigan had a couple of blazes to contend with due to hot, dry weather there. A summary of the Aerial Firefighting Conference that recently took place in Athens, Greece, is presented in an article, along with details of two upcoming conferences - one in Anaheim, California, in February, and a second taking place in Sydney, Australia. Firefighters in Ghana, Africa, received some new apparatus from the Netherlands, and weary residents were able to return home after firefighters contained bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Finally, NASA provides a satellite view of how extensive the Queensland bushfires were.

La Raza: Latino input is needed on fire aid

SDG&E halts plan to cut power during dry weather

Report: No mechanical failure before copter crash

Visitor likely paying for Angel Island fire

Fire on Kaibab forest exceeds 7,000 acres

Storm helps douse Cameron fire

FS looks to new tools for new times

Mt. Sentinel fundraiser successful; native grass reseeding project set for Nov. 8

Several wildfires break out in the UP

First Aerial Firefighting Conference Attended By 22 Nations

Forestry Commission receives fire tenders to control wildfires

Residents return home as bushfire threat eases

Fires in Queensland

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