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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Although recent storms have brought much-needed precipitation to Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest, some fire restrictions will remain in place (1); but an Op-Ed piece from the Central Coast reflects on the precarious nature of wildfires in the state (2); even as the Pacific Council on International Policy published a 77-page report in which incoming Governor Brown is urged to create a panel to study climate change's impact on the state (3). In the wake of Colorado's Fourmile Canyon Fire, which socked insurance companies with $217 million in damage claims, new construction materials may help lessen the impact of wildfires on homes in the future (4); and the fire also impacted University of Colorado research facilities associated with UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) and NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research), as the next story shows (5). The Chief of the Texas Forest Service weighs in on preparing for Wildland Urban Interface fires in the next article (6). An out-of-control prescribed burn that cost $3 million to extinguish in and around Montana's Helena National Forest last summer is examined in the next item (7); and firefighters in Hopkins County, Kentucky, battled a 10-acre blaze started by a discarded cigarette Monday night (8). A man accused of setting wildfires that destroyed 145 acres of plantation timber in Louisiana earlier this year has been sentenced (9); while a small wildfire burned 1/2 an acre outside of Watauga, North Carolina, yesterday (10). Due to the fact that most of Georgia has only received 70% of the normal rainfall for this time of year, the wildfire danger has increased (11); and nearly 2,000 acres were burned in a control fire in Florida's Apalachicola National Forest yesterday (12). Several months after devastating wildfires left 3,500 Russians homeless, the next article takes a look at the situation today (13). Youngsters are suspected of having ignited a bushfire in New Zealand that threatened electric train powerlines overhead (14); while politicians are dangling the promise of low-interest loans for hard-hit residents of Victoria, Australia, in front of voters ahead of elections (15). Despite the fact that burn permits won't be needed in Coffs Coast, New South Wales, firefighters warned that a few warm, dry days could pose a fire danger nonetheless (16); even as fire officials provided tips to help reduce bushfire danger from machinery (17). South Australia's Country Fire Service has revamped rules affecting school closures during bushfire danger periods in order to reduce confusion for everyone involved (18); but authorities from the Tasmania Fire Service had to call in air-tankers to help quell a bushfire started by an arsonist (19). And finally, meet Croatia's contribution to firefighting: the Firerob!

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