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Friday, August 13, 2010


The fire danger index will be moving into very dangerous territory in Southern California's Angeles National Forest on Sunday (1); but hunters will be allowed into portions of the Los Padres National Forest burned by the 90,000 acre La Brea Fire on Saturday (2). Firefighters snuffed a 10-acre wildfire that broke out in Central California on Thursday (3); and US Forest Service Hotshots were among the firefighters that battled a 10-acre wildfire in Larimer County, Colorado, yesterday (4). Although fire officials are letting a wildfire in Utah continue to expand to burn out certain areas, firefighters stand ready to prevent the spread into protected areas (5); while the US Forest Service plans a commemoration of a massive fire a century ago that killed 85 firefighters in Idaho (6). Wildfires resulting from around 2,000 lightning strikes on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana provided a bit of activity to firefighters yesterday (7); but Nacogdoches, Texas, is hoping that a grant will help them prepare for wildfires (8). A number of wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Oahu drew a sharp response from firefighters (9). Wildfires in British Columbia, Canada, are the topic of the next article (10); where RCMP apprehended a trio of teenagers who they hold responsible for a wildfire in Burnaby (11); but as wildfire activity diminishes in Saskatchewan, firefighters are returning home to Ontario, although nearly 300 remain deployed to British Columbia (12). Wildfires in Cuba have burned thousands of acres and cost an estimated $18 million in losses since the beginning of this year, according to the chief of the Cuban National Ranger Corps (13). Two firefighters were killed battling an arson wildfire in Spain (14); and a video segment recounts the evacuations of villagers from a town in Portugal as wildfires approached (15); two dozen new wildfires having been reported in Portugal, and several more broke out in Italy as well (16). Turkey is packing a transport plane full of firefighting equipment bound for Russia, along with the dispatch of two firefighting helicopters and a team of wildfire specialists (17); yet a fleet of Russian air-tankers, including IL-76TD, MI-26T, MI-8M and BE-200 aircraft, will be dispatched to Serbia next week (18). A pair of US disaster specialists have been dispatched to Russia to size up the fires there and make recommendations to President Obama on what to send next (19); followed by the official State Department announcement (20). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ty Bonnar, Vice President of Global Operations for Flexible Alternatives, sent along an MSNBC video segment about the wildfires raging in Russia (21); but the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced that the wildfires were finally being beaten back (22); while residents of Moscow received a much-needed reprieve from wildfire smoke when a shift in the wind and a rainstorm cleared the air (23); nevertheless, over 4,000 homes have been destroyed, along with about 2 million acres of vegetation, and a nasty environmental secret about the deliberate destruction of a portion of a 'protected' forest has been revealed (24). A photo from the BBC gives some idea of the devastation caused by the Russian wildfires (25). A lightning-sparked wildfire near Sarov's nuclear research facility still threatens the facility (26); where some video footage of a firefighting train and a BE-200 in action was provided by the next item (27). An Op-Ed piece from the Moscow Times faults Prime Minister Putin and the government for the poor response to Russia's wildfires (28); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tony Morris, Communications Director for Wildfire Research Network sent along an article about the visit of a US wildfire contractor to Moscow to discuss working with the Russians on wildfire mitigation (for non-Russian readers, the translated article can be read here) (29). The first (undoubtedly not the last) criminal case for someone accused of starting one of Russia's many wildfires is examined by the next article (30); while Kazakhstan has reported wildfire smoke from Russia drifting across their country (31). It has been revealed that important details were left out of Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission report (32); but an article looks to the past for some hint of the future on Victoria's plans to buy back properties in high-risk bushfire areas (33). The new head of the Victorian Bushfires Reconstruction and Recovery Authority will be donating his entire six-figure salary to help bushfire survivors (34). An Op-Ed piece from New South Wales tallies up the costs to Australia of climate change (35); while residents of a Western Australia town devastated by a bushfire now attributed to a power company were outraged that the power company refused to accept blame for the fire (36). And finally, a California high school football team tackled a wildfire at their summer camp near Eldorado National Forest!

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