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Monday, September 03, 2012


Our first article today takes a look at the controversial Fire Program Analysis project which would have coordinated the firefighting efforts of several agencies across the US, but was "strangled in the crib" in 2005 (1). The DC-10 helped battle a 3,600-acre wildfire that broke out in the Angeles National Forest above the Southern California community of Glendora yesterday (2); a photo of a SEAT battling the blaze provided by the next item (3); and as the warm weather continues, ideal fire conditions persist throughout the region (4); while a 140-acre wildfire in Shasta County is 90% contained (5); but the 41,340-acre wildfire burning in the Mendocino National Forest is still only 58% contained (6). A radio segment takes another look at the Washington Forest Health Program's efforts to restore vitality to forests in the Pacific Northwest (7); and the US Forest Service Assistant Director for Fire Ecology and Fuels discusses how regions previously burned in Idaho are helping with containment of new wildfires (8). Texas Parks and Wildlife is in the process of raising millions of dollars to re-forest Bastrop State Park, where 95% of the vegetation was destroyed by wildfires last year (9). A 4,160-acre wildfire burning near Butte, Montana, is now 72% contained (10); and a 75-acre wildfire west of Missoula has been stopped in its tracks (11); while a 25-acre wildfire in Glacier National Park was believed to have been sparked by lightning (12). A pair of wildfires which have burned nearly 75,000 acres between them in northwest Nebraska are 75% contained (13); but windy conditions are not helping with containment (14). A 20-acre wildfire has been reported in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (15). The lack of foresight by fire officials in Alberta, Canada, in regards to wildfire suppression costs, is examined by the next article (16); while Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources provided an update on wildfires in that province in the next item (17). An article from the UK reflects on the adaptability of the natural world to wildfires (18); but wildfires continued to hammer Southern Europe, with blazes reported in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania (19); wildfires in Portugal prompting authorities to ask for international help following the crash of a firefighting helicopter (20). A 200-hectare wildfire raged on the slopes of Indonesia's Mount Agung (21). Heading to Australia, a court case involving PowerCor's culpability in a Black Saturday bushfire is moving forward in Victoria (22); while a volunteer helps Black Saturday bushfire survivors get back in touch online (23). Queensland will be eliminating several Rural Fire Service Bushfire Educator positions due to budget cuts next year (24); and South Australia's Country Fire Service used their website to provide some useful tips for homeowners on how to prepare Bushfire Survival Kits (25). Tourism WA and the Fire and Emergency Services Authority have been informed that they may be the target of a lawsuit by the organizer of an ultramarathon race in which several runners were severely injured by a bushfire burning across the course near Kimberley, Western Australia (26); but in the meantime, the Bushfire Recovery Working Group is looking for photos of the destruction wrought by bushfires in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River last year (27). And finally, firefighters battling a wildfire in California's Plumas National Forest picked up a bobcat kitten as their mascot (28); for whom wildlife rehabilitators provided a tasty dinner of mashed mice - yum!

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