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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Texas Forest Service is staging transport aircraft to the Panhandle as it geared up wildfire preparations in the wake of an 80,000-acre blaze that burned in Moore County, injuring a firefighter (1); and Flower Mound received a $100,000 fire truck through the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System to prepare them for battling wildfires (2). As if pines across North America didn't have enough to worry about with beetle infestations, now a mysterious disease is killing urban pines in droves across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming! (3) An unattended debris fire burned 3 1/2 acres in an Ohio Township before firefighters brought it under control (4); but as more fire departments continue to lay off firefighters due to budget constraints, Congressional Fire Service Institute sent along a news item regarding the use of FEMA's SAFER funds to retain personnel (5); and they're going to need them now, as the mid-Atlantic region of the US was afire due to wind combining with dry conditions to turn average debris fires into wildfires from Maryland south into the Carolinas (6). Winds gusting upwards of 60 mph are making wildfire fighting difficult for firefighters across New Jersey (7); while numerous wildfires in Prince George's County, Maryland, have prompted authorities to mobilize all their firefighters to fight them (8). A firefighter was injured battling a blaze in Newport News, Virginia (9); while another blaze in Occoquan Forest near Manassas leveled a home (10); but firefighters in Roanoke had more luck averting disaster (11). With more than 90% of North Carolina considered unusually dry, the onset of windy conditions this weekend are making the wildfire threat especially dangerous (12); a situation that hasn't helped firefighters battling a massive wildfire in Jude's Gap which is still only 60% contained (13); part of Wake Forest had to be evacuated due to a wildfire at a local golf course wanting to play through (14); and more have been reported across the state, as the next two stories show (15)(16). North Carolina Forestry Service is investigating a wildfire that burned 2.5 acres outside of Mooresville (17); but citing 226 wildfires that have burned across the state, South Carolina Forestry Commission is once again asking residents to refrain from burning debris outside (18). After a busy week, Georgia Forestry Commission reported that it had fought 80 wildfires in 16 northwest counties (19); while the next story profiles a private helicopter contractor from Florida who is preparing his Firehawks (firefighting Blackhawks) for the beginning of fire season (20); just as the Alachua County Wildfire Mitigation Task Force reports significantly more wildfire activity this year compared to past seasons (21). A review of wildfire preparations in British Columbia, Canada, by the Forest Practices Board indicated that most fire departments are prepared for the upcoming fire season (22); but village chiefs in the African nation of Ghana are urging the government to tighten up on bushfire laws (23). Although prescribed burns are a good thing in moderation, scientists have determined that too many could damage the biodiversity in Australia (24). And finally, for those firefighters who think they're overloaded, consider the case of Canada's Six Nations Fire Chief who is the only full-time firefighter for a city of 12,000!

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