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Thursday, October 09, 2008


Several news items out of San Diego again today, leading off with a story about the two blazes that charred Camp Pendleton, followed by a story about the Proposition A campaign that aims to increase property taxes to pay for fire protection. The CL-415 contingent began earning their pay as they battled the November Fire at Camp Pendleton, signaling a new era in fire protection for the San Diego Region. The Public Utilities Commission is having a hearing on 10/14 in San Diego to discuss tightening restrictions on utilities to prevent wildfires such as those caused when SDG&E's power lines arced in 2007 (SDG&E reps and State Senator Kehoe, sponsor of a brush clearance bill that became law, will be speaking at the meeting). Echoing Prop A in San Diego, a similar measure is on the ballot in Colorado for the November election, while a state fire plan in the same area is creating controversy with environmentalists. The results are in from the air pollution study done in California with funding from NASA, and the report indicates a tripling in pollution levels during the July fires, something with which residents of the Central Valley would no doubt concur. New laws in effect at Lake Arrowhead will require more defensible space around homes, something folks at Big Bear should probably consider after fires broke out nearby their homes. Helicopters will be reseeding a burned hillside in Utah to repair damage from August wildfires, and contractors in New Mexico are thinning forested areas to help mitigate future wildfires. Moving overseas, Namibia in southern Africa has also experienced more veldt fires which have killed livestock as well as wildlife. Ominous news from Australia, as articles from both the island of Tasmania and from Queensland warn of a very bad bushfire season ahead.

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