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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The camera hardware which makes NASA's Global Hawk drone so effective in filming wildfires is showcased in today's first article(1). Citizens Working to Preserve Malibu tries to dispel myths about campfires causing wildfires in Southern California in the next article (2); while Fire crews hope to have a 406-acre wildfire burning near Lone Pine contained by Wednesday (3). Beef ranchers in the West are complaining that federal policy which restricted grazing led to bigger wildfires which destroyed their pasture land (4). Colorado's Senate unanimously approved a bill which would overhaul controlled burns on state land (5); but the impact of pending federal government budget cuts on an Oklahoma-based wildland firefighting company is examined by the next article (6). A letter to the editor in Great Falls, Montana, discusses the Benchmark III Fuels Reduction Project (7); while Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is making grants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars available to rural communities across the state faced with the danger of wildfires (8). Firefighters in Alaska are queuing up to take a three-hour National Incident Management System course which will allow them to fight wildland fires this summer (9). Fire officials in Alberta, Canada, will be kicking off their fire season on March 1st for the second year in a row (10); however, dry weather, combined with a deadline on open burning, caused fire crews in County Kerry, Ireland, to receive 40 calls to deal with wildfires (11). Tangent Link sent along a reminder about their upcoming Aerial Firefighting Conference, scheduled to begin April 10th in Aix-en-Provence, France (12); and the International Association of Wildland Fire sent along a reminder that abstracts for their upcoming conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, are due by March 1st (13). Over 50% of Vietnam's melaleuca forests, which are concentrated in the southernmost province of Ca Mau, face a wildfire threat due to a prolonged dry spell (14). Torrential rain in Victoria, Australia, has gone a long way towards squelching the bushfire threat (for now) (15); but the Upper House Member for Eastern Victoria is calling into question roadblocks imposed during bushfires which keep property owners from tending to their livestock (16); while a month's worth of tips have been donated to the Gippsland Bushfire Appeal by the hospitality service staff at Equus Cafe Bar in Sale (17). Graziers in northern Queensland, hard-hit by recent bushfires, are concerned that federal budget cuts may cost them vital health services (18); and approximately $40,000 in replacement fenceposts are being delivered to farmers whose fence line was devastated by the bushfires in Coonabarabran, New South Wales (19). Fire crews in Glen Forrest, Western Australia, may be applying for combat pay after a large rock crashed through their fire truck's window as they headed to a bushfire (20). Details on Tasmania's losses due to bushfires have been detailed in a new report from the Bushfire Recovery Taskforce (21); some farmers facing a slow bushfire recovery (22); even as the state government launched a $250,000 marketing campaign to support tourism in bushfire-affected areas (23). And finally, Italy's Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche has unveiled a new laser holographic system that allows firefighters to see through smoke!

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