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Thursday, December 04, 2008


As some commentators have been pointing out, firefighters were running out of water and had to pick and choose homes to save during the Freeway Complex Fire in Orange County, as the first article of the day points out. The second article shows the disparity between sentences handed down by courts after wildfires: $101.6 million assessed against a homeless man for the Day Fire versus $9,000 assessed against a construction worker for the much more deadly and destructive Cedar Fire. An Op-Ed piece from San Francisco discusses climate change and its effects on wildlife, among other things. The chippers will be running in Colorado, as recounted by the next story, while West Virginia fire authorities, like their brethren in Virginia, are heaving a collective sigh of relief at the recently-concluded fire season. Oklahoma fire investigators believe they are seeing the work of a serial arsonist in their neck of the woods. In Malaysia, millions of ringgits (the local currency with a current exchange rate of about 3.64 per US dollar) are being spent on conservation projects that should benefit endangered species like orangutans threatened by, among other things, fires. The Greek island of Rhodes is having some problems with wind-driven wildfires, and scientists in Australia are discovering just how innovative the eucalyptus trees are at weathering bushfires. It sounds like they'd better be good at it, based on the next story from Sydney, which also points out that with a richer carbon environment (i.e., more CO2 from fires), eucalyptus trees grow faster, thereby fueling bigger fires. And based on that, the last story seems like it will just add fuel to the fire as controlled burns triple across Victoria state, thus boosting CO2 in the atmosphere - oops.

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