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Monday, March 23, 2009


Wildfire News Of The Day leads off with Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network and the DC-10 air-tanker's Rick Hatton being interviewed in regards to CAL FIRE budget cutbacks; followed by a story from San Diego, where, after problems with the reverse-911 system during the 2007 wildfires, the region has adopted a new, better system for alerting homeowners of encroaching wildfires. Wind-driven wildfires vexed firefighters in Northern Arizona; while a small wildfire gave residents of Denver, Colorado, pause, with possible foreshadowing of the fire season to come; something that was reinforced by a group of Colorado firefighters educating people on the impact of wildfires via taxes on everyone (including city-dwellers). Two counties east of Abilene, Texas, had a rash of wildfires pop up, some of which looked like arson jobs; and a forest preserve south of Chicago, Illinois, had a sizeable wildfire burn through the area. A large wildfire in Kentucky looks to be the work of an arsonist; but despite all the snow this winter, a number of small wildfires broke out across upstate New York. Having burned over 20,000 acres, New Jersey fire agencies are satisfied with their pre-treatment plans. The Army Corps of Engineers and US Forest Service will conduct a strategic bombing campaign from the air in a South Carolina forest. A trio of stories out of Florida underscores the wildfire situation in that state: residents of a Jacksonville community were evacuated as wildfires approached; a small wildfire was once again obscuring drivers' views of the road near Tallahassee; but a member of US Forest Service reflects on the benefits of the recent Juniper Fire in Ocala National Forest. Two stories out of Africa as a wildfire in Kenya's Rift Valley has wildlife on the run; followed by more details on this huge wildfire. An editorial from India on the UN forestry report estimates that millions of jobs could be created, some of which would be to prevent wildfires. Heading to Australia next, and a story that drives home the point that, even though wildfire statistics often include numbers of structures lost, acres burned, and lives lost, they seldom tabulate damage to infrastructure and how best to quickly restore services to burn areas. The royal commission investigating the Black Saturday bushfires is getting some heat about streamlining their inquiry; but had time to hear how a Fireguard Group and a shelter were instrumental in saving lives when bushfires overran a Victoria community. In an effort to reduce Global Warming, researchers in Australia are looking at ways to diminish wildfire emissions. Victoria is under siege again, with lightning strikes spawning almost three dozen new wildfires; but firefighters will have to find someplace else to eat, as a field kitchen serving firefighters during the earlier bushfires in that state has closed. Even as bushfires reignite in the region, building officials are fast-tracking building permits as a way to expedite reconstruction in the burn areas. As tourism takes a hit in Victoria's bushfire areas, concern over an adverse economy has business leaders there worried; but somebody has found a way to make money off of the disaster, as bushfire tours are being conducted. A Wilderness Society report indicated that several of Australia's endangered species may have been severely impacted by the recent bushfires destroying their habitats. And finally, talk about a stinker of a situation, a New York firefighter fell into a hidden manure pit and had to be rescued!

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